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Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools

Meet Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools

During the year, Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools in Nashville, North Carolina participated in the Change a World, Start with ENERGY STAR campaign by collecting pledges. We drove pledges through a link on our website as well as by giving out a few CFL bulbs to help us get started. As an ENERGY STAR Partner and pledge driver we encouraged our staff to let the community know about our program and help us increase our number of pledges. We sent out e-mails to our staff to promote taking the pledge and they forwarded this on to their family and friends. This helped us stay in the top five. The schools of Nash-Rocky Mount participated with the City of Rocky Mount and Keep America Beautiful program to help fight to preserve our environment, also. In addition, we trained our staff on how to leave their classrooms at night so that we continued to save energy and money when we were not in the building.

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