Meet Carol O.

Living in an apartment might seem to limit the impact that can be made in saving energy. I believe our family is living proof that this is simply not true. We have replaced all the bulbs in our house with compact fluorescent bulbs, and we didn't stop there. We also replaced all the bulbs in the common areas of the building. We use lamps in strategic places instead of glaring overhead lights throughout the house.

We replaced two light fixtures in the most used rooms in the house (kitchen and home office) with fluorescent circular tube fixtures. The one in the kitchen has made a remarkable difference - better light and more of it for less than half the wattage. All these efforts were done for environmental and money-saving reasons and took only a few hours of time. Look around and see where the sources of light are and get creative about how to light the space using less wattage.

- Carol O.

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Meet Terri T.

We replaced all the light bulbs in our house with ENERGY STAR CFLs. We also replaced our dishwasher, clothes washer and refrigerator with ENERGY STAR models. We also had our house performance tested and sealed the drafts and added insulation.

- Terri T.

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Meet Deanna G.

As soon as the CFL bulbs became available I changed every single light in my apartment. I have no control over appliances, so I monitor the fridge/freezer temperatures, and use a small convection oven instead of the out-dated one. The circuit breakers for the wall heaters are switched off as soon as the inside temperature can hold at 58 degrees�we just wear extra clothing to keep warm. In the winter it's important to keep the thermostat at 60 degrees. I use the less expensive washing machines at the apartment then dry two loads together for a great price at the laundromat. I'm a fanatic about recycling; thankfully WA has a good system. I also shop with my own reusable bags.

- Deanna G.

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Meet Harry H.

Every light bulb is a CFL in the house. For the outside lights I have a solar motion light that uses LED bulbs. All sinks have a reduced aerator in them and low flow shower head in bath. There is also a duel flush toilet, energy saver duel pane windows in every window, new front load washer and new dryer (which I use only when it rains or at night, because we hang our clothes on a line outside to dry), new roof put on, and that�s about it for now.

- Harry H.

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Meet Jacob

I went out and bought my apartment some energy saving light bulbs and ended up reducing my normal 600 watts to 150 watts of power. I also installed water saving shower heads and when I'm not charging gadgets I unplug them to save a little more energy. I am still thinking of other ways to save energy and water.

- Jacob

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Meet Steve A.

I changed all the light bulbs in my home�mostly because of the cost of my energy bill but also�environmental concerns. I now teach at schools and organizations on the importance of changing their light bulbs to energy saving bulbs, and have also entered the market selling CFLs.

- Steve A.

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Meet Dane J.

I am in the process of remodeling my older home. I completely gutted about two-thirds of the house. I have installed foam insulation in the walls and changed all my bulbs to CFLs. I have installed a smart water heater which learns when you use water and adapts to your usage. I will also be installing dimmers in all rooms and be looking at solar lighting for the kitchen area. I have dual-paned windows and also want to add solar screens. My reasons for making these improvements are: to better myself for the future and make a nicer place to live. I can’t wait to see the results.

- Dane J.

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Meet Miguel B.

I am a business owner in New Jersey and I�ve made a lot of changes in both my home and my business. In my home, most of our light bulbs have been replaced with energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. When shopping for any new equipment, I always choose energy efficient equipment. For business, I recently upgraded my company�s Website into Green Technology, promoting energy efficient equipment and products to our customers. I even created two links to the ENERGY STAR Web site. I always promote energy efficient products because they save us money and it helps our environment.

- Miguel B.

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Meet Tersha B.

My fiancé and I replaced all the light bulbs in our house with ENERGY STAR CFL bulbs. We also bought a fan for the bedroom instead of turning up the air conditioning. The fan has a 2 hour timer on it so it shuts off once we’ve fallen asleep. We turn off all the lights and unplug things, like our computers, when we aren’t using them. Before we leave the house we make sure to turn the thermostat up so the air conditioning doesn’t kick on too much when we aren’t there. We do this because if we don’t take care of our Earth, no one will, and we want our children to have a clean environment to grow up in. These changes took very little time and the only extra money we had to put out was for the light bulbs.

- Tersha B.

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Meet Cynthia E.

We recycle everything that is recyclable from our trash. We have replaced our light bulbs with CFLs and leave the air conditioning off as long as possible in late spring/early summer. In the late fall and early winter, we leave the heat off as long as possible. We keep the thermostat set for high 70’s in summer and high 60’s in winter. In the future we hope to replace all of our appliances with ENERGY STAR qualified ones. For now we make sure to turn off all electronics when they are not in use and use cloth reusable bags instead of plastic grocery bags.

- Cynthia E.

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Meet Laurel

I replaced all of the light bulbs in the house including outdoor flood lights with compact fluorescent light bulbs. I replaced the entire second floor with all new insulation and ENERGY STAR double-pane windows and also put additional insulation around the first floor exterior before putting on the new siding. During the winter, I keep the thermostat at 50 degrees and only use ceiling fans at night. I unplug chargers when I am not home and turn out all lights. My electric bill has lowered significantly as a result.

- Laurel

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Meet Christina P.

We changed every light bulb in our home (about 60 of them) to CFLs, purchased a new ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer and freezer for our garage. We have lived in our home for 20 years, and our electric bills are lower than they have ever been. You sure can’t say that about our grocery bills! It’s not only good for the environment; it’s good for our pocketbook.

- Christina P.

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Meet Michael L.

I believe in not being wasteful. The previous owners of my mobile home had two CFLs over the sink, and I liked the daylight color, brightness, and economy of them. So, over time I added them to other fixtures, and even changed a candelabra fixture to a regular pendant so as to use only daylight color bulbs. All of my lamps and light fixtures currently use daylight CFLs. I get more light for less power, and love the bright, clear light.

- Michael L.

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Meet Rod T.

I purchased CFLs on sale and then replaced 29 incandescent lights with CFLs in my home. I then replaced 51 lights in my church with CFLs. If the price comes down for dimmable CFLs then I will try to replace the 120 chandelier light bulbs in my church (however, they are only on 2-3 hours per week).

Just changing out those lights saves an estimated 480 kWh per month!

- Rod T.

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Meet Ray O.

I have replaced my incandescent bulbs with the compact fluorescents at home, provided CFL bulbs to my church and encouraged my boss to obtain CFL bulbs for our office. We are replacing incandescent bulbs with the CFLs in the office as the old bulbs burn out. I also periodically check the settings on my home programmable thermostat to be sure the heat/AC is not running when not needed. The old wood single pane windows on my house were replaced several years ago with energy-efficient vinyl double-pane windows. All of the home efforts save money, all of the efforts make my home, church, and work a greener environment.

- Ray O.

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Meet David L.

I serve as the Executive Director of the Paragould Housing Authority in Paragould, Arkansas. We manage 187 public housing units. As units are vacated we go into the units and change all fixtures and bulbs to energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting. We are planning to move from only working on vacant units to including the occupied units very soon. Last year we were selected to receive the National Award of Excellence from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials because of our improvements to the units.

- David L.

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Meet Paula

We have changed almost all of our light bulbs to energy-efficient lighting. When a regular bulb burns out, we replace it. We have all ENERGY STAR appliances. We set our thermostat to recommended levels when we leave home for the day and we always keep them at suggested levels when we are home. We use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning when the temperature is mild and a gas fireplace when the temperatures are cold.

When we built our new home a couple of years ago, we had the builder install TechShield radiant barrier sheathing in the attic which keeps it cooler and reduces air conditioning cooling loads in warm or hot climates. Our utility bills are lower than others in our neighborhood.

- Paula

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Meet Susan L.

When I was given my first compact fluorescent light bulb, I was skeptical. I was really pleased to find that even the lower watt energy-saving bulb actually gave MORE light! We have been replacing all the incandescent ceiling bulbs as they burn out with the new CFLs�what a difference!

- Susan L.

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Meet Maria

We replaced 10 vanity light bulbs with 10 energy-saving bulbs. The old bulbs used 40-watts while the new ones use 9-watts. We also bought surge protectors that can be turned off when a TV, computer, laptop, toaster, or coffee maker is not in use. Our thermostat is set to �off� when we leave the house. We are looking to replace 13 single-pane windows with double-panes. I see the difference already.

- Maria

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Meet Mike K.

Every possible light bulb in my house is already fluorescent. I even use CFL bulbs in my garage. I have just tried dimmable CFL bulbs because of the desirability of being able to select less light (and energy) at different times. As soon as I find suitable mini candelabra base bulbs for use in my hall ceiling chandelier, I will replace my last few remaining incandescent bulbs. I use motion detector LED nightlights and love them. At night, I use ceiling fans in the summertime instead of air conditioning because of how much they cool while we�re sleeping. There are so many ways to reduce energy use, and Americans (and the rest of the world) have only just begun. Next on the agenda is to add a 2 story solarium on the back of the house for passive solar heating. I simply hate to waste energy.

- Mike K.

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Meet Jennifer S.

We just bought our first home and it came with beautiful recessed lighting throughout. Unfortunately, each of the light bulbs was 65-watts. There are a total of 21 fixtures (7 in living room, 6 in kitchen, 3 in hallway, 2 in foyer, and 3 in restroom) which uses a lot of energy.

Within 2 weeks, we changed out 18 of those light bulbs to 15-watt CFL bulbs and hopefully this will help to lower our energy bill significantly.

- Jennifer S.

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Meet Emma

I changed all my light bulbs to ENERGY STAR light bulbs even on all my fan lights and lamps. I also bought an ENERGY STAR refrigerator.

- Emma

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Meet Chip

I replaced 20 light bulbs in my house with fluorescent bulbs. I don't charge my cordless phones, powered toothbrush, or laptop computer 24 hours a day. I also make sure the fans are going in the proper direction in the winter or summer. Money is too hard to come by to waste it on energy.

- Chip

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Meet Roseanne

As I upgrade my appliances I make sure they have the ENERGY STAR. I replaced my old bulbs with CFLs. All my outside lights are solar, I use reusable bags when I go shopping, and I am gradually switching over to the green cleaning products. My reason for doing this is to help the environment, which I am very concerned about, and also to help save myself some money.

- Roseanne

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Meet Lou E.

I have targeted the lights I use the most for immediate change out to CFL bulbs, like the kitchen, living room, and the backyard lights. The bedroom lights are not in use very long on a daily basis so I will wait for the existing lights to burn out before replacing them.

- Lou E.

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Meet Paul H.

Over the past 12 months we had changed every light bulb to a CFL, which totaled 24 bulbs in our house. After looking at the electric bills, we realized that there was a substantial drop.

- Paul H.

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Meet Bob V.

I have replaced all the lighting in my homes with CFL bulbs and have been delighted with not only the energy savings, but that I have yet to have to replace one light bulb! I have also been replacing appliances over 5 years old with new, more efficient units. I've replaced my water heaters, dishwashers, and clothes washers. I have almost made it a game as to how much energy and money I can save. I have also replaced all the shower heads in my homes with very restricted flow units. I also purchased a pressure washer to wash my cars, which uses far less water than a hose. I even went as far as to replace my indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting with LED types which saved me even more during the holiday time.

- Bob V.

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Meet Francisca

I changed all my lights to ENERGY STAR qualified lighting, and I also purchased a new clothes washer that is ENERGY STAR qualified — my loads of laundry are always done in cold water.

- Francisca

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Meet Mary

I have replaced almost all of my home light bulbs with the new Instant-On CFL light bulb. These lights, unlike other CFLs, light immediately — no waiting which is ideal for me. So far I am extremely pleased with this product and it puts out perfect light. They bulbs are very small so they fit in almost any fixture. These bulbs use only 20 watts each and they replace a 75 watt bulb. And they are brighter than a 75 watt bulb. This has to be one of the best ENERGY STAR products I have ever used.

- Mary

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Meet Keith

I have replaced 15 incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs in our home. I initially replaced three bulbs, but I liked them so much that I promptly replaced 12 more. There was also an ENERGY STAR rebate of $2 per bulb which made my decision to replace the bulbs even easier. The reason I replaced the bulbs was to save on my electric bill. Plus, I won't be replacing light bulbs all the time! Including the trip to the store, replacing the bulbs, and sending in the rebate, I probably spent 1 1/2 hours on the whole project.

- Keith

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Meet Sarah O.

I have security doors on the north and south sides of my townhomes and I allow fresh air to cycle through my home as a method of natural cooling during the more temperate months. I have also replaced nearly all the bulbs in my lighting fixtures with energy-efficient CFLs. I now have about 12 more bulbs to replace. I try to use natural lighting as much as possible and will be replacing an old 1960s wood French entry door with an energy efficient dual pane door — seal the building envelope and allow more natural light into my home. Eventually, I would like to install solar tubes to light up halls and bathroom areas for free!

- Sarah O.

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Meet Pasquale V.

I replaced all of my incandescent lights with CFLs over the last 2 years, which totaled more than 40 bulbs. I also replaced all of our outside lights on the front, back and side porch with CFLs, as well as 8 flood lights with new fixtures that contain CFL bulbs. We already have a programmable thermostat installed which we set to 68 degrees in the winter and 75 in the summer. Since replacing all of the lights with CFLs and reducing our temperature settings in the winter and raising it slightly in the summer, we have a seen huge savings on our energy bills. As costs for electricity have gone up, our energy expenses have remained well below what we were paying 3 years ago.

- Pasquale V.

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Meet Christy

I just finished remodeling my master bathroom and laundry room. During the remodel, we installed room sensors so the lights go out when no one is in the room. We also replaced all of our lights with CFLs, even the vanity lights over our sink. In the shower we installed a new low flow showerhead.

- Christy

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Meet Laura W.

I purchased all new light fixtures for my kitchen and family room and installed all CFL bulbs. My family spends most of the time in this room, so I'm hoping we will save money on our energy bills. I also insulated my garage, which was not insulated before, which I am also hoping that will help reduce the bill as the garage is attached to the house. I believe I am losing heat through the garage.

- Laura W.

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Meet The Nicholson Family

We have installed the free energy-efficient CFL bulbs that we received. We had already started changing some in my house to the new CFLs. The really big savings has come from installing our tankless water heater — it has cut our gas bill by more than 60% as compared to a year ago. We couldn't believe the savings! Our next step is to install a new energy solar panel being developed by GE for our roof — can't wait!

- The Nicholson Family

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Meet Sharon S.

We couldn't afford to change all the bulbs at once, so we choose to replace the bulbs in the rooms where the lights are on the most, and we change two every month. It has been a year since we signed our pledge. Now we have completed our task-we now have GE energy smart bulbs in all our fixtures. Our families are doing the same thing, one household at a time, even the grandchildren are involved. We recently replaced our windows with new dual-pane windows in our bedrooms. I watch our electric bill each month, and compare it to the previous year's bill. So far there has been a difference of $58 dollars in savings. This makes us proud to know we are making a difference in the world.

- Sharon S.

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Meet David S.

My boss asked us to change one light in our homes to try out the new style ENERGY STAR bulbs. So, I went to the store and was shocked to see so many styles and types. I purchased a package of 65-watt overhead bulbs and was I impressed with the light. Also, very little heat was omitted. I went back to the store and purchased about 26 more and I changed over 24 bulbs that day. Not only is the light impressive, but the bulbs are quite long-lasting, and I've only had to change 2 bulbs in a year and a half.

- David S.

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