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Lighting Upgrades

Carol O.

We have replaced all the bulbs in our house with compact fluorescent bulbs, and we didn't stop there. more

Terri T

We replaced all the light bulbs in our house with ENERGY STAR CFLs. more

Deanna G.

As soon as the CFL bulbs became available I changed every single light in my apartment. more

Harry H.

Every light bulb is a CFL in the house. more


I went out and bought my apartment some energy saving light bulbs and ended up reducing my normal 600 watts to 150 watts of power. more

Steve A.

I now teach at schools and organizations on the importance of changing their light bulbs to energy saving bulbs. more

Dane J.

I will be installing dimmers in all rooms and looking at solar lighting for the kitchen area. more

Miguel B.

In my home, most of our light bulbs have been replaced with energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. more

Tersha B.

My fianc� and I replaced all the light bulbs in our house with ENERGY STAR CFL bulbs. more

Cynthia E.

We have replaced our light bulbs with CFLs. more


I replaced all of the light bulbs in the house including outdoor flood lights with compact fluorescent light bulbs. more

Christina P.

We changed every light bulb in our home (about 60 of them) to CFLs. more

Carlin M.

I replaced one 100-watt light bulb in my house last week with an ENERGY STAR qualified 40-watt bulb and I’m already seeing and feeling a difference.

Michael L.

All of my lamps and light fixtures currently use daylight CFLs. I get more light for less power, and love the bright, clear light. more

Rod T.

I purchased CFLs on sale and then replaced 29 incandescent lights with CFLs in my home. more

Ray O.

I have replaced my incandescent bulbs with the compact fluorescents at home, provided CFL bulbs to my church and encouraged my boss to obtain CFL bulbs for our office. more

David L.

As units are vacated we go into the units and change all fixtures and bulbs to energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting. more


We have changed almost all of our light bulbs to energy-efficient lighting. When a regular bulb burns out, we replace it. more

Susan L.

We have been replacing all the incandescent ceiling bulbs as they burn out with the new CFLs. more


We replaced 10 vanity light bulbs with 10 energy-saving bulbs. more

Mike K.

Every possible light bulb in my house is already fluorescent. more

Jennifer S.

Within 2 weeks, we changed out 18 of those light bulbs to 15-watt CFL bulbs and hopefully this will help to lower our energy bill significantly. more


I changed all my light bulbs to ENERGY STAR light bulbs even on all my fan lights and lamps. more


I replaced 20 light bulbs in my house with fluorescent bulbs. more


As I upgrade my appliances I make sure they have the ENERGY STAR. I replaced my old bulbs with CFLs. more

Lou E.

I have targeted the lights I use the most for immediate change out to CFL bulbs, like the kitchen, living room, and the backyard lights. more

Paul H.

Over the past 12 months we had changed every light bulb to a CFL, which totaled 24 bulbs in our house. more

Bob V.

I have replaced all the lighting in my homes with CFL bulbs and have been delighted with not only the energy savings, but that I have yet to have to replace one light bulb. more


I changed all my lights to ENERGY STAR qualified lighting. more

Pablo G.

I turn off the lights when I leave a room.


I have replaced almost all of my home light bulbs with the new Instant-On CFL light bulb. more


I have replaced 15 incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs in our home. more

Sarah O.

I have also replaced nearly all the bulbs in my lighting fixtures with energy-efficient CFLs. more

Pasquale V.

I replaced all of my incandescent lights with CFLs over the last 2 years, which totaled more than 40 bulbs. more


During the remodel, we installed room sensors so the lights go out when no one is in the room. more

Laura W.

I purchased all new light fixtures for my kitchen and family room and installed all CFL bulbs. more

Nicholson Family

We have installed the free energy-efficient CFL bulbs that we received. more

Sharon S.

We choose to replace the bulbs in the rooms where the lights are on the most and we change two every month. more

David S.

My boss asked us to change one light in our homes to try out the new style ENERGY STAR bulbs. more

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