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James D.

Meet James D.

Energy improvements were made to conserve and save money. I used internet sources for researching ways to conserve energy as well as my own knowledge and skills. All of the steps taken were inexpensive and very quick to complete. I use a programmable thermostat, purchased a new front loading washing machine (saves a tremendous amount of water), use compact fluorescent bulbs and lamps in over 95% of my lighting needs in my home, turned down my hot water to 120F, added shades with insulating properties to all windows in my home, set the thermostat no higher than 68F in the day when at home and no higher than 62F at night during the winter, insulated the area between the top of the basement wall and the floor of the home, and sealed areas where pipes or conduit came into the home (electrical box, dryer and furnace vents etc).

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