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Heating and Cooling

Tim F.

I've installed programmable thermostats and received a 20% reduction in energy usage. more

Valerie L.

We close off rooms to only heat the ones that we are using. more


I installed a programmable thermostat in my home. more

Lynn B.

We purchased a programmable thermostat which has helped reduce our gas bill. more


We have a geothermal underground heat pump unit installed in our home. more

Michelle H.

We installed a new programmable thermostat and our furnace gets annual "check-ups." more

Bernhard A.

I changed the thermostat to a programmable thermostat so it only runs when we�re home. more

Rhona D.

I make sure to replace the filters in my HVAC equipment monthly. more

Marty M.

I have had insulation blown into my attic and have added 4 inches of insulation underneath my home. more

Jay C.

I insulated my garage door with rigid foam and a reflective coating. more


To keep the apartment cool without turning the air conditioning on we close the blinds during the day to block the sunlight coming in through the glass and open windows in the evening when we get home to get a breeze. more


We changed the daytime temperature from 78 to 80 degrees and the evening temperature from 73 to 77 degrees. more


One change I made to save energy was to have my utility company install a programmable thermostat. more

William O.

I have the recommended insulation throughout my home to act as an additional barrier for heating and cooling. more

Jack H.

There are a lot of days that start out chilly and then warm with the sun. On those days, we use a space heater in the area for a few hours and don�t run the furnace that day.

Nora B.

We replaced the old thermostats with programmable thermostats so that we could monitor and program the temperatures. more

Sheila T.

We now have a 4 ton, variable speed central air conditioning and heating system with a programmable thermostat. more

Dave M.

We installed an energy-efficient air conditioner and programmable thermostat. more

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