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General Energy-Saving Practices

Michael L.

My wife and I live in a 900 square foot, 1964 mobile home in Santa Cruz, California. more

Jane C.

I unplug everything — microwave, TV, coffee pot, computers. more

Don B.

We just built a new home with energy efficiency in mind. We started at the bottom with our basement. more

Lauren D.

My electricity is 100% wind energy through Energy Choice here in the DC area. more

Louis L.

I sold my car and use public transportation or walk. I don't use a dryer to dry my laundry. I changed all the light bulbs in my home to fluorescent bulbs. I support green companies.

Simran K.

The University Of Mary Washington has implemented light fixtures in residence halls that use energy-saving light bulbs. That means less money from me when paying for the residence on campus.

Valentin K.

I use compact fluorescent bulbs everywhere possible and teach my children to conserve, recycle, and compost. My family has a garden, we catch rainwater, and don't use lawn chemicals. We try to save as much as possible.


I save energy and protect the environment by using public transportation, buying local, turning off lights when I leave the room, insulating windows, and installing compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Claire C.

In our home we have an ENERGY STAR washer and fridge, but no dryer, dishwasher, AC, or cable TV. more

Jorge Z.

I have trees planted around the house that help to protect the walls from the sun's heat. more


I unplug appliances I do not frequently use like the microwave and washer, and anything electronic that I only use once in awhile. more

David Q.

My wife and I have changed out all of our conventional light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. more

Patricia P.

Upon moving in our home 3 years ago we immediately put in a programmable thermostat and slowly I have replaced every light bulb in the house. more

Ken C.

We bought a home that was ENERGY STAR compliant. more

Kara A.

I have all the electronics (TV, laptop, router, DVD, TiVo, stereo, etc.) and lamps in my apartment plugged into power strips. more

Beth D.

In August, I bought a new home that is built by the ONLY 5-Star energy rated builder in the area. more

Carol A.

Purchased three 4" flameless candles, using batteries purchased at the dollar store. more


Whenever I leave the house for awhile I pull the plug for some of my appliances like my TV. more

Mary G.

Last spring I was contacted by my utility company to do an energy survey of my home. more

Naka P.

My family switches off all our lights when we go out, and we use our shower that has a low-flow head instead of a bathtub.

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