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Elizabeth M.

Meet Elizabeth M.

Helping fight climate change is a big priority for me. I try to reduce waste, reuse items, and cut back on energy and fuel use wherever I can. As a graduate student in law school, this sometimes helps me save money, but mostly I just want to protect the planet as much as possible. I have made my home more energy efficient by installing compact fluorescent light bulbs in all my fixtures, and I try to turn the heat and air conditioning off when I am out of my apartment at class all day. I also try to combine trips in my car so that I don’t waste gas, and I bring my own bags to the grocery store instead of using paper or plastic. Not only does this cut down on waste, but it also helps save natural resources and energy. Plus, I always get compliments from the check out ladies! I don’t have a huge financial incentive to help the earth, since my utility costs are included in my rent. However, I try to always remember an acronym I made up as a slogan for Earth Day: Every American’s Responsibility To Help.

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