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Appliances and Products

Dimitri L.

Using power strips saves you money by eliminating vampire energy. more

Priscilla D.

I am now hooked on energy-efficient appliances. more

Timothy S.

I have dedicated myself and my family to investing in ENERGY STAR windows, hot water heater, light bulbs, ceiling fans, TVs, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer. more

Boeing E.

We've upgraded three of our large windows. more


I unplug everything in the house that we aren't using. more


We fought back by getting a front loading pair washer and dryer and ended up cutting our water bill in half. more

Pamela D.

We replaced our old refrigerator with a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator. more

Jodie Q.

My husband and I recently purchased new ENERGY STAR appliances for our home. more

Sheran B.

We set our hot water heater to 95 degrees. more

Mendi B.

I installed new vinyl Low E/Argon filled windows throughout the house. more


For devices not frequently used, we now make sure they are unplugged when not in use. more

Mark W.

I also replaced my old thermostat with a programmable one which has literally saved me hundreds of dollars on my electric/gas bill. more


We use a programmable thermostat so we don't heat or cool our home unnecessarily while away or sleeping. more

Renee R.

My husband and I have replaced all of our appliances in one year. more

Kristen M.

We had to purchase new appliances as soon as we moved in, so we opted to buy ENERGY STAR Certified products. more

Jennifer C.

I put my computer and TV/VCR combo on power strips and turn them off each night, and unplug my microwave and phone rechargers when not in use. more

Dave R.

We use a clothes line to dry our laundry which saves energy and makes the clothes smell better. more

Gabriella L.

Appliances that are plugged in, but switched off, are still drawing on electricity, so I unplug appliances that are not used on a daily basis, such as extra TVs, table and floor lamps, washer and dryer, and radios/stereos. more

Lee S.

Over the last couple of years I have been saving energy by installing new double-glazed windows and buying a new energy-efficient washer. more

Kathy N.

Our old fridge was not working very well, and I decided that we needed to replace it with an ENERGY STAR Certified model. more


My washer and dryer are efficient and I intend to get a new refrigerator later this year. more

Kevin R.

I reduce my energy bills by using ENERGY STAR Certified appliances. more


To go green in New York City, I have purchased energy-efficient light bulbs, sealed air leaks, and changed filters for air conditioners. more

Kasie T.

I just moved into a new home and I purchased new CFL bulbs to install throughout. I also purchased a new washer and fridge that have the ENERGY STAR logo. more

Joan V.

My Husband and I have purchased some new ENERGY STAR Certified appliances in the past year. more

Jeffery H.

I have two ENERGY STAR Certified computers and an ENERGY STAR laptop. more

Ronnie T.

We had to replace our washing machine and refrigerator so we bought ENERGY STAR Certified models. more

Debbie D.

This year we purchased three programmable thermostats and we turned off our computers when they were not in use. more

Linda J.

I set my furnace to 67 degrees, have low-e windows (most have no curtains to let in natural light and heat), and I've switched to CFL lighting. more


We keep the temperature of the house at a steady 78 degrees and use the fans to cool down the house if we need cooler air. more

James K.

We just bought a new refrigerator and we close the blinds at night on all windows. more


We have an ENERGY STAR Certified clothes washer and hope to get an ENERGY STAR refrigerator soon. more

Kaye S.

I had ENERGY STAR Certified appliances put in and a programmable thermostat installed. more


We have power strips for all the entertainment and computer equipment and when we are finished with the equipment, we just turn off the power strip. more

Stephen E.

I put energy efficient dual-pane windows in my house for which I received a tax rebate. more


I turn on my air conditioner only in the afternoon and keep it on for approximately 1 hour. more

John S.

We also installed an attic fan, a new ENERGY STAR Certified clothes washer and dish washer. more


I put CFL bulbs in all the ceiling fans and lamps as well as upgraded to new 13 SEER heat pumps in all units as I purchased them. more


A few light bulbs turned into ALL light bulbs and next we purchased an ENERGY STAR Certified clothes washer. more

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