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Tell Us How You Save Videos — see energy-saving stories from the 2008 Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Tour.

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Adam L.

I set the washer for high spin to reduce the amount of water left in the clothes before they go in the dryer. more

Brian G.

I installed PV solar panels on our house, as well as installed a solar hot water system several years ago. more

James D.

I insulated the area between the top of the basement wall and the floor of the home, and sealed areas where pipes or conduit enter into the home. more

Kathleen N.

I have Solar PV on my roof, net metered, and all my appliances are ENERGY STAR. more

Ron Z.

We are replacing a steel front entrance door with an ENERGY STAR qualified door. more

Sunita P.

When I use the oven to cook in the winter, I leave the oven door slightly ajar so that the heat warms up the kitchen. more


We use our own shopping bags everywhere we shop. more

Kennedy Middle School

Illinois—Five small groups of students gave a 5–10 minute presentation to different decision making groups in the community including; the Kiwonis, two different Rotary groups, the City of Kankakee�s City Council, Kankakee County�s County Board, Kankakee School District #111�s School Board, as well as several other groups. more

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools

North Carolina—As an ENERGY STAR Partner and pledge driver we encourage our staff to let the community know about our program and help us increase our number pledges. more

The Rittmans

Florida—In 1980 we built a cement block home in north central Florida. Winter nights typically range in the 30's and 40's and occasionally well below freezing. Originally, it was 1,000 square feet and had a "passive solar" design with most windows facing due south. more

Elizabeth M.

St. Louis—Helping fight climate change is a big priority for me. I try to reduce waste, reuse items, and cut back on energy and fuel use wherever I can. more

The Lindloff Family

New York—Rob Moore, 38, and Stephanie Lindloff, 35, are an engaged couple who live in Albany, NY with their cat, Baxter. They own an early 1930s home to which they added new insulation and a handful of other energy saving devices. more

The Almonte Family

Florida—Javier Quintero, Milagros Almonte, and their two children, 17-year-old Alexis and 13-year-old Miyalez, live in a single family home in Miami, Florida. more

The Nuñez de Sole Family

Florida—Carl and Carol are married with no children. They live in a brand new home in Homestead, Florida. more

The Rodriguez Family

Illinois—Juan Rodriguez, 50, and wife Benus, 46, live in their Chicago bungalow with two children. The family made major energy-efficient improvements to the home last summer. more

The Dougherty Family

Oregon—Edward and Nancy Dougherty live in Beaverton, Oregon, with their cat, Barley, in a 1963 ranch-style home they have owned for over 30 years. Ed, 63, is a retired federal employee and Nancy, 61, is a schoolteacher. more

The Cañedo Family

Maryland—Cesar, Fredes, and their four children (seven-year-old Cesar, four-year-old Santi, three-year-old Rocio, and one-year-old Lucas) live in a 31-year-old home in Potomac, Maryland. They turned a dated kitchen into an energy-efficient space. more

The Orvis Family

Connecticut—Jamie and wife Anne, both 43, their two kids (Ryan, age 12, and Amanda, age 8) and a dog, Maui, live in a 25-year-old Colonial-style home in Fairfield, Connecticut. more

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