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Adam L.

Meet Adam L.

Over the past few years my family and I have worked towards reducing any waste in our home especially in terms of energy. We installed thermal replacement windows, purchased a high efficiency dishwasher and clothes washer and dryer. Almost all the light bulbs are CFLs or LEDs. Our home was already well insulated, but I made efforts to ensure that any potential air leaks were sealed. I have even begun trying to maximize solar heat in the winter by opening drapes in winter and closing white shears and drapes on warm days. Remarkably all of this has produced very little energy savings! So then I cut my electricity usage in half the past 3 months by starting thinking smarter about how I used it. I began making sure lights were turned off when not in use. I wait for a full load of dishes and laundry before washing. The biggest savings, I think, came from the clothes dryer. I started hanging clothes to dry as much as I can. In winter that also meant more moisture in the air of our home. Hanging clothes reduced the number of loads and drying time. I set the washer for high spin to reduce the amount of water left in the clothes when they went to the dryer. During the winter I directed my dryer evacuation pipe into our home with a filter (pantyhose) on the end to direct warm, moist air into the home when it was most needed instead of blowing it outside. I am conscious of "phantom loads" from cell phone chargers, etc. and I try to take shorter, more efficient showers to reduce the amount of electrically heated water I use. When cooking I try to be as efficient as possible. For example if I am using the oven I try to make sure all parts of the meal are prepared in the oven at the same time instead of also using the microwave or stove. All of this has reduced my electricity usage by half for the past 3 months. It isn't hard. All it takes is some forethought and thinking smarter.

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