• A home equipped with TVs, set-top boxes, a Blu Ray player and a home theatre in a box that have earned the ENERGY STAR, can save more than $280 over the life of the products.

    Note: Dollar savings are based on lifetime electricity savings generated from 3 TVs, 2 set-top boxes, a Blu Ray player, and a home theatre in a box.
    Source: U.S. EPA.
  • If every TV, DVD, and home theatre system purchased in the U.S. this year were ENERGY STAR certified, we would save more than $150 million and prevent more than 2 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 170,000 cars.
    Source: U.S. EPA.
General Facts:
  • Consumer electronic products are responsible for 15 percent of household electricity use.

    Note: Consumer electronic products in this calculation consist of DVD/VCR players, home audio equipment, computers, power supply units, and TVs.
    Source: EIA.
  • According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the average household owns 24 consumer electronics products.
    Source: CEA.

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Updated: September 2014