ENERGY STAR Partners submit a partnership agreement that stipulates their adherence to the ENERGY STAR Identity Use Guidelines. These guidelines describe how the ENERGY STAR name and mark may be used. Partners are responsible for ensuring that their authorized representatives, such as program implementers, advertising agencies, and trade allies are also in compliance.

EPA has a rigorous process of searching for and addressing logo-use violations, and seeks to review partner materials prior to production to limit the number of inadvertent logo use violations that are submitted for enforcement action. However, our partners also have an important role in maintaining the ENERGY STAR mark as a trustworthy symbol in the marketplace.

EPA asks partners to submit their concepts for marketing and/or consumer education materials featuring ENERGY STAR to their account manager for EPA review prior to production. Once this is done, individual materials associated with these concepts do not need to be reviewed, as long as partners follow the ENERGY STAR Identity Use Guidelines. Use Section 2. ENERGY STAR Co-Branding — Best Practice Examples for examples of how to use the ENERGY STAR mark. When materials are complete, EPA asks that partners submit final versions to their account manager for cataloging.

Following the ENERGY STAR Identity Use Guidelines, and submitting your marketing/consumer education concepts to EPA for review will help ensure the continued success of the brand. This review process also highlights for EPA those partners who are making exemplary use of the ENERGY STAR brand.

To report to EPA concerns regarding logo use (e.g., labeled products not appearing on EPA’s qualified products list) email logomisuse@energystar.gov and the issue will be investigated.

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Updated: June 2013