The rules for co-branding with ENERGY STAR are simple and designed to complement each partner’s branding efforts. A few rules apply and if partners adhere to these, successful co-branding should be a clear and straightforward process. Below is a list of “Top 10” co-branding rules for quick reference, but the complete ENERGY STAR identity use guidelines are located at www.energystar.gov/logouse.

  1. For typical program sponsor uses, the best ENERGY STAR mark to use is the Promotional mark (aka, “Learn More at energystar.gov”);
  2. The Certification mark, found on products that have earned the ENERGY STAR, may only be used in direct reference to an ENERGY STAR certified product or to instruct customers to “look for the ENERGY STAR”;
  3. ENERGY STAR marks need to be easy to see (at least 3/8”), with ample space (e.g., 1/3 the height of the graphic box) all around and on a basic, mono-color background;
  4. Marks should never be cut apart, altered, or distorted in any way;
  5. The preferred color for the mark is ENERGY STAR blue (100% Cyan). Alternate versions in black or reversed out to white are allowed;
  6. Written references to ENERGY STAR should include the registered trademark (®) on the very first mention of the brand, but can be left off thereafter;
  7. Products should be referred to as either “ENERGY STAR certified” or “ENERGY STAR qualified” without using a hyphen;
  8. The marks may never be associated with products, homes, or buildings that do not qualify as ENERGY STAR;
  9. Neither the marks nor the ENERGY STAR name may be used in any other company name, product name, service name, domain name, or Web site title;
  10. Partners can use the Partnership mark to advertise their affiliation with the program. This mark should be used near the partner’s own logo.

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Updated: June 2013