Utility Opportunities for IT Energy-Efficiency Programs: Webinar Presentation Materials

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ENERGY STAR and The Climate Savers Computing Initiative hosted the second in a series of educational Webinars for utilities designed to raise awareness of the benefits and savings associated with energy-efficient computing on October 20, 2009. The Webinar focused on the implementation of utility programs that address the power and cost benefits of energy-efficient computing equipment and ENERGY STAR computers and servers, framing a discussion around emerging programs.

Webinar Recordings

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Webinar Presentations

The Problem: IT Energy Waste PDF Exit ENERGY STAR

Climate Savers Computing Initiative and ENERGY STAR Program Overviews PDF Exit ENERGY STAR

Highlights from first Webinar in series: Briefing on IT Power Management for Utility Energy-Efficiency Program Managers PDF Exit ENERGY STAR

Hardware Energy-Efficiency 101 PDF Exit ENERGY STAR

Emerging Practices for Replacing Inefficient Hardware PDF Exit ENERGY STAR

Utility Opportunities for IT Energy-Efficient Programs: Beyond Power Management PDF Exit ENERGY STAR

Case Studies: Utility Experiences with Energy-Efficiency Programs PDF Exit ENERGY STAR

Resources and Next Steps PDF Exit ENERGY STAR