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Put Your Computers to Sleep

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Low carbon IT campaign status

Campaign Status

Low Carbon IT Campaign Power Management Pledge

7,208,553 Computers Pledged to Power Manage.

2,735,201,244 LBS of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided Annually.

1,781,890,061 kWh Saved Annually.

Check back regularly to see how your efforts and those of others are collectively making a difference.

What is computer power management? Computer power management (CPM) features automatically place computers into a low-power "sleep mode" after a period of inactivity. Simply touching the mouse or keyboard "wakes" the computer in seconds. Your network administrator can activate these settings quickly and easily across your entire network.

Who else is power managing. View a list of organizations already saving, their success stories, and those honored as Low Carbon IT Champions for their CPM implementations.

It is easier than you think. There are many ways to activate sleep settings across computer networks. In addition to recognition for your efforts, EPA provides a number of resources, including free one-on-one technical consultations, to help you determine the best way to activate power management features in your IT environment.

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