ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Allies

Help Inspire and Motivate Organizations to Save Energy and Fight Global Warming

ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT (LCIT) Allies* promote the activation of computer power management to other organizations. ENERGY STAR LCIT Allies range from some of the biggest names in the information technology industry to smaller organizations that help promote energy efficiency to their communities and customers. They include:

  • AMD
  • American Hospital Association
  • Association of Bay Area Governments Energy Watch
  • Center For Sustainable Technology, Education and Policy (C4STEP)
  • City of Wellington (FL)
  • Dell
  • Faronics
  • Focused Networks
  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • Performance Mechanical Group
  • Sparxent Verismic Software
  • Stonehill Technical Solutions
  • University of Kansas
  • Watt Watchers of Texas
  • WNC Regional Air Quality Agency

You can become an ally, too — it's a smart business move that provides real value and energy-saving solutions to your customers, members, or constituents.

EPA asks ENERGY STAR LCIT Allies to:

  1. Indicate that they are an ENERGY STAR LCIT ally on their website
  2. Include a link on their website to the ENERGY STAR LCIT Campaign pages
  3. Include the ENERGY STAR LCIT Campaign in their applicable marketing and communications materials and initiatives
  4. Encourage others to join the ENERGY STAR LCIT Campaign through outreach to customers, members or constituencies.

Joining is Easy

We've assembled everything you'll need in an ENERGY STAR LCIT Ally Kit. It contains templates for press releases and newsletters templates, content for your website or marketing materials, and ideas for promoting computer power management. To become an ENERGY STAR LCIT Ally, simply send us a brief email at and tell us about:

  1. The audience (customer base, membership or other constituencies) you are targeting for outreach regarding ENERGY STAR LCIT and power management
  2. The communications vehicles that will be used reach this audience

EPA Will Recognize Your Efforts

As an Ally, your organization will:

  1. Be listed on the ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT website
  2. Receive a certificate of recognition from EPA

Coming soon, EPA plans to feature on this website the innovative and creative ways LCIT Allies are helping American organizations join the fight against global warming with ENERGY STAR and power management.

* Being an ENERGY STAR LCIT Ally does NOT mean that your organization is an ENERGY STAR Partner. Being an ENERGY STAR LCIT Ally does NOT mean that your organization's products are ENERGY STAR qualified.