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Office equipment — from computers and monitors to imaging equipment, such as printers and copiers -- that has earned the ENERGY STAR helps eliminate wasted energy through special energy-efficient designs. They use less energy to perform regular tasks, and when not in use, automatically enter a low-power mode.

New Specifications for Many Office Products in 2007

2007 brings new ENERGY STAR specifications for office and imaging equipment. This means it will be more difficult for computers, copiers, fax machines, mailing machines, multifunction devices (MFDs), printers, and scanners to earn the ENERGY STAR.

The new ENERGY STAR specifications promise significant energy savings. In addition to reducing power use for the products themselves, the new specifications also set additional requirements for accessories. If an imaging product is sold with an external power adapter, cordless handset, or digital front-end, these accessories must meet current ENERGY STAR External Power Supply (EPS), Telephony, or Computer specifications. These requirements ensure that the ENERGY STAR represents only the market's most energy-efficient products.

ENERGY STAR certified office and imaging products use 30-75% less electricity than standard equipment. And using less energy keeps utility costs down. Over the next five years, these products will save Americans almost 5 billion dollars.

Remember, saving energy prevents pollution.

By taking a "whole system" approach and looking at the computer, its use, and components, these new specs will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions equal to about 7 million cars.