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ENERGY STAR News: May/June 2001 — Service and Product Providers

Service Providers Leverage ENERGY STAR to Add Value to Your Business!

By leveraging ENERGY STAR, a Trane Company representative closed the deal on a multi-million dollar renovation by using a third-party vehicle to present strategies and benefits.

In early 2000, the Trane Company approached REDICO Management about an opportunity to upgrade and possibly achieve the prestigious ENERGY STAR label for buildings at the American Center in Southfield, Michigan. The American Center is a 25-story high-rise office building owned by American Center Acquisition, LLC and managed and operated by REDICO Management. The project included upgrading the lighting to T8’s, electronic ballasts, and CFL’s; upgrading the chiller plant; installing VFD’s on air handlers and the water pumping system; installing gas-fired modular boilers; and integrating a central DDC building automation system. Combined, it was estimated that these enhancements to the American Center facility would help save the company over $550,000 per year on its utility bills. Trane estimated that the improvements would move the energy performance rating score high enough to qualify for ENERGY STAR.

Making it Tangible…

What helped close the deal was the display of a sample ENERGY STAR label for buildings plaque, a tangible recognition of energy-efficiency efforts that REDICO could achieve. It enabled REDICO to really “see and feel” the value of how the ENERGY STAR label could help market its properties. Management realized that taking this proactive approach could help the company with tenant retention and also help in attracting high quality tenants. REDICO would like the American Center to be among the first buildings in Detroit to receive the prestigious label.

What Can You Do?

Is your company using ENERGY STAR to add value to its business? Learn how ENERGY STAR can help increase your business opportunities and strengthen customer relationships through our on-line service offerings. We would like to hear from you, write us at asapdirectory@epa.gov if you have successful projects that have resulted in improved energy performance.

Demonstrate your customers’ superior energy performance: Benchmarking the energy performance of buildings is a great sales tool for many service and product providers. It will show your customers the value of the work you have performed using an unbiased source — the portfolio manager. You can determine where future investments are needed. What a great tool for your sales team to use for uncovering new opportunities with existing customers and prospects!

Increase the scope of your software: Some of the leading service and product providers already know the value of benchmarking and are incorporating the portfolio manager into their software tools. This will mean that thousands of buildings will be benchmarked in the near future and customers will be demanding a benchmark score before and after projects are completed.

Increase your sales: ENERGY STAR provides the tools to achieve superior energy and environmental performance, which is a proven way to increase your customers’ bottom line. In light of developments in deregulation in California, reducing energy consumption is seen as reducing risk for your customers. CFOs and other upper level management that realize making sound investments will lead to the greatest returns, know that ENERGY STAR is one way to get those results. Improved energy management has a positive impact on not only operating expenses, but also on earnings per share and shareholder value. This is a valuable benefit for your customers and can lead to increased sales volume for your organization. Get involved with ENERGY STAR and take advantage of this business opportunity.

Expand your services into pre-construction: ENERGY STAR has come full circle. Now you can take the value of benchmarking one step further. ENERGY STAR is introducing tools and guidance for new building design. You can expand your role with customers by getting involved early and becoming part of the design team. You can reinforce the importance and better return on investment (ROI) of energy efficiency when considered at the time of the design. The ENERGY STAR new building design also promotes commissioning and it can be your ally to secure your position in the operations and maintenance of the building. More information about all of our offerings is available from the ENERGY STAR Web site.

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Champion Johnson Controls Continued Its Stewardship with Earth Day Activities

Earth Day, a day dedicated to environmental activism and stewardship, was celebrated on April 22. As a 2001 ENERGY STAR award winner, Johnson Controls continued its reign as an industry leader by actively promoting energy efficiency across the country and served as an official sponsor of Earth Day 2001. In celebration of the nationally recognized day, Johnson Controls promoted various Earth Day initiatives through several of its offices by honoring customers who achieved the ENERGY STAR label for buildings.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Johnson Controls’ Michigan control group area office sponsored an event for the Wyandotte School District. Ten schools in the district qualified for the ENERGY STAR label and were presented with ENERGY STAR plaques during a tree planting ceremony. An Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Region 5 representative attended the ceremony and presented the plaques to the schools. Other activities that coincided with this event included a poster contest and a display of a solar racecar from students at the University of Michigan.

On April 20th, Johnson Controls’ Texas area office held an assembly at Crockett County Intermediate School to congratulate the school for receiving the ENERGY STAR label for buildings. An EPA Region 6 representative attended the ceremony and presented the school with its plaque. During the assembly, the students received information about energy efficiency and a Johnson Controls’ representative led an energy trivia contest and awarded prizes to the eco-minded stars in the group!

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The ENERGY STAR — The Challenge

What is The Challenge?

The Challenge is a competition for service and product providers who promote ENERGY STAR and deliver superior energy performance to their clients. Building owners and managers are looking for energy services and products providers who can implement sound, comprehensive building upgrades. Through The Challenge, organizations are given the opportunity to witness providers who are applying successful strategies through ENERGY STAR to help achieve their clients’ energy-cost reduction and pollution-prevention goals.

How does The Challenge work?

Participants in The Challenge earn points for the following activities:

  • Submitting an ENERGY STAR label for buildings application —- 3 points
  • Recruiting a Partner (not another service and product provider) —- 2 points
  • Benchmarking a building with the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager — 1 point

The Gold Level honor was awarded to companies that achieved 30 points, Silver Level 20 points, and Bronze Level 10 points. The Challenge began on January 1, 2000 and ended on December 31, 2000.

Congratulations to the winners of The Challenge 2000!

Gold Level Winners: Applied Systems Group, Avista Utilities, Bonneville Power Administration, Johnson Controls, Onsite Sycom Energy Corporation, Public Service Company of Colorado (Xcel Energy), RLW Analytics, Servidyne Systems, and the Trane Company Worldwide

Silver Level Winner: Building Performance Engineering

Bronze Level Winners: Florida Power and Light and Honeywell (GE)

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