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Steps You Can Take to Reduce Air Pollution

5 Steps for Your Home

  1. Change 5 Lights. Replace your 5 most frequently used lights or the bulbs in them with ones that have earned the ENERGY STAR.
  2. Look for ENERGY STAR Products. Available in more than 50 product categories, including lighting and home appliances.
  3. Heat and cool efficiently. Have your heating and cooling equipment serviced annually and remember to replace air filters regularly. Use a programmable thermostat, and when it’s time to replace old equipment, choose an ENERGY STAR qualified model.
  4. Seal up your home. Seal air leaks, add insulation and choose ENERGY STAR qualified windows.
  5. Tell family and friends. We’re asking you to help spread the word that energy efficiency is good for your home and good for our environment. Start by emailing this page to a friend.

More Steps for Your Car

  1. Drive Smart. Go easy on the brakes and gas pedal, avoid hard accelerations, reduce time spent idling and unload the junk in your trunk.
  2. Keep your car well tuned. A well-maintained car is more fuel efficient, more reliable and safer!
  3. Check tire pressure regularly. Under inflation causes increased wear and decreased gas mileage.
  4. Give your car a break. Try to combine activities into a single trip; use mass transit; walk or bike whenever possible.
  5. When buying a new vehicle, make a smart choice. Look for the Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Scores at EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide.