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ENERGY STAR News Fall 2001 — Our Partners

Partner Awards Applications Coming Soon

Applications for the 2002 ENERGY STAR Partner Awards will be available on October 29, 2001. Partners will be recognized for their leadership in promoting pollution prevention through energy efficiency, both in their own buildings and in the products they manufacture.

Areas of recognition include:

  • Delivering energy efficient products to consumers
  • Building energy efficient homes
  • Improving the energy efficiency in buildings and businesses
  • Developing innovative technology that improves the performance and efficiency of products
  • Educating consumers on the benefits of energy efficiency

The ENERGY STAR Awards ceremony will take place on March 26, 2002. For more information about the ENERGY STAR Partner Awards and a full list of previous winners, including Sears, Hilton Hotels and IBM, please visit our Partners page.

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ENERGY STAR Recognizes IBM and Transmeta for Innovation in Environmental Protection

ENERGY STAR has presented Certificates of Recognition to IBM Corporation and Transmeta Corporation for developing energy-efficient products and solutions. These corporations are helping ENERGY STAR Partners to meet program energy-efficiency specifications, which is an asset to both consumers and the environment.

IBM Corporation was selected for their eServer z900, the reinvented mainframe, which provides greater performance while requiring less energy than its predecessors, extending energy saving benefits to its customers worldwide. IBM’s energy-saving technology and architectural design contribute to pollution reduction caused by energy generation.

Transmeta Corporation was recognized for their development of the Crusoe processor, which reduces power consumption without sacrificing performance. Transmeta recognizes energy conservation as an important business and social goal, and its Crusoe microprocessor is making ultradense servers, mobile computers and Internet appliances more power-efficient.

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2nd Annual ENERGY STAR National Partner Meeting & Product Expo

Sponsored by Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and Pacific Gas & Electric and ENERGY STAR Hyatt Regency & Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA.

The 2nd Annual ENERGY STAR National Partner Meeting & Product Expo provides a forum for lighting and appliance manufacturers, national retailers, and utility, state, and regional implementation partners to exchange information about current ENERGY STAR plans, 2002 plans and promotions, and EPA/DOE updates on present and future program direction. This annual meeting is also an important venue for collaboration and coordination between attendees on a state, regional, and/or national scale.

A new feature of the national meeting will be the first annual ENERGY STAR Product Expo at the Sacramento Convention Center. The Expo will showcase lighting, appliances, and windows with consumer workshops on the ENERGY STAR product portfolio and home retrofits offered. National manufacturers, national retailers, and local retailers will be invited to display and promote ENERGY STAR products. The Expo is free to the public. Both Sacramento Municipal Utility District and Pacific Gas & Electric Company will promote the Expo to consumers.

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