Improved Insulation

Many ENERGY STAR qualified new homes feature improved insulation from that of a home built to the Model Energy Code. Improved insulation not only keeps out excessive outside heat or cold, but also maintains even temperatures between and across rooms inside the home.

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In most climates it is easy and cost-effective to increase insulation levels beyond those required by state building codes. This increase helps a home maintain a comfortable inside temperature while using less energy. For a home to maintain temperature efficiently, a continuous boundary of insulation is necessary between the inside and outside. Insulation must be installed carefully with no gaps, crimping, or compression, as these can allow unwanted air and heat exchange between the outside and inside. Careful attention must be paid in areas where the insulation has to fit around obstacles such as pipes, electrical wiring, and outlets.

Learn more about how Increased InsulationPDF (32KB) can increase your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Improved insulation can offer you:

  • Improved comfort — maintains a constant temperature in the house and between and across rooms.
  • Lower utility bills — proper HVAC equipment compensates for heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.
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If you own an existing home, find out about improving your home’s insulation