Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Equipment

Many ENERGY STAR qualified new homes feature a right-sized approach to high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. By paying proper attention to air and duct sealing, insulation, and energy-efficient windows during construction, the size of an ENERGY STAR qualified new home’s heating and cooling equipment can often be smaller than the equipment needed in a home built to the Model Energy Code.

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Heating or cooling a home can account for over 50% of the home’s total energy use. You can significantly lower utility bills by choosing equipment carefully. Learn more about these money-saving options by choosing the links below.

Heating a Home

By installing high-efficiency, heating and cooling equipment you can significantly reduce the amount of energy used to heat a home. View the fact sheets below to learn more detailed information.

Cooling a Home

Properly sizing and installing high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment can significantly reduce the costs of cooling a home. View the fact sheets below to learn more detailed information.

Right-sized, highly-efficient heating and cooling equipment can offer you:

  • Lower utility bills — heating and cooling equipment doesn’t “over-work”
  • Fewer maintenance problems — heating and cooling equipment consistently runs at its optimal level.
  • A quieter home — oversized equipment isn’t continually cycling on and off to meet unnecessary heating and cooling demands.

Poor air and duct sealing dictates that typical home heating and cooling equipment be oversized so it can quickly meet the typical home’s heating or cooling demand. This oversized equipment ’short-cycles’, failing to run long enough to reach its most efficient levels. Moisture problems can result, as the system does not run long enough to properly pull moisture out of the air. Short-cycling also causes the system to run more frequently, which wears the equipment down quickly. By reducing a home’s heating and cooling demand through better air and duct sealing, the need for oversized equipment can be avoided.

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If you own an existing home, find out how you can improve your existing heating and cooling equipment