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ENERGY STAR Certified Homes in the News – Archives

November 2014

Consumer Reports Exit ENERGY STAR
November 3, 2014
"Energy-saving features your new home should have"
By Mary H.J. Farrell

October 2014

Orange County Register Exit ENERGY STAR
October 28, 2014
"Homeowners make green upgrades that pay for themselves"
By Mark Rightmire

Ways2GoGreen Exit ENERGY STAR
October 2, 2014
"Infographic: Energy Star Certified Homes are Green out of the Box"
By Clay Miller

September 2014

Idaho Homes Exit ENERGY STAR
September 9, 2014
"9 Things You’ve Got Wrong About Green Homes"
By Tammy White

New England Home Magazine Exit ENERGY STAR
September 3, 2014
"Peak of Perfection"
By Lisa E. Harrison

June 2014

Insulation Institute Exit ENERGY STAR
June 12, 2014
"What It Takes to Be an ENERGY STAR Builder"

Los Angeles Times Exit ENERGY STAR
June 8, 2014
"Searching home listings for green features may soon get easier"
By Lew Sichelman

May 2014

thestar.com Exit ENERGY STAR
May 16, 2014
"New homes run as energy-efficient systems"
By Bryan Tuckey

April 2014

The Daily Sentinel Exit ENERGY STAR
April 28, 2014
"Builders hope to give buyers a sense of community (and a nice home)"
By Penny Stine

nwi.com Exit ENERGY STAR
April 19, 2014
"Sustainable and energy efficient: Local builders embrace green building techniques"
By Michelle Krueger

Apartment Therapy Exit ENERGY STAR
April 2, 2014
"Secrets of an Energy Star Home: How to Make Your Home More Efficient"
By Regina Yunghans

February 2014

ThomasNet News Exit ENERGY STAR
February 10, 2014
"EPA and Freddie Mac aim to cut multifamily building pollution"

U.S. News & World Report Exit ENERGY STAR
February 7, 2014
"How an Energy-Efficient Mortgage Can Save You Money"
By Chris Birk

January 2014

Consumer Reports Exit ENERGY STAR
January 13, 2014
"Put your house on an energy diet"
By Mary H.J. Farrell

The Daily Record Exit ENERGY STAR
January 10, 2014

December 2013

Knoxville News Sentinel Exit ENERGY STAR
December 19, 2013
"Two more 'ENERGY STAR' homes going up in Lonsdale"
By Jim Balloch

November 2013

November 30, 2013
"Builder Focus: Coming soon: Another way to save with energy efficiency"
By Michelle Krueger

November 16, 2013
"Committed to Delivering Better Quality, Better Comfort and Better Durability"
By Michelle Krueger

Old House Web Exit ENERGY STAR
November 2013
"Home Energy Audits 101"

November 14, 2013
"10 Easy Home Fixes to Save You Money This Winter"

October 2013

EarthTechling Exit ENERGY STAR
October 2013
"Renewablue Blazes a Clean Energy Trail in CO Real Estate"
By Beth Buczynski

September 2013

Greenville Online Exit ENERGY STAR
September 13, 2013
"Green homes gain popularity as customers seek cost savings"
By Nathaniel Cary

The Seattle Times Exit ENERGY STAR
September 13, 2013
"Market Matters: Like a new car, be sure to check home’s fuel-efficiency score"
By Dave Porter

U-T San Diego Exit ENERGY STAR
September 7, 2013
"Going Green a Growing Home Trend"

August 2013

Green Home Builder Exit ENERGY STAR
August 2013
"DOE-Endorsed Performance House Excels"
By Carly Caumiant

ArticleDashboard.com Exit ENERGY STAR
August 29, 2013
"Choosing An ENERGY STAR Home"
By Jordan Rocksmith

Truro Daily News Exit ENERGY STAR
August 19, 2013
"Masstown home earns ENERGY STAR rating"

July 2013

Examiner.com Exit ENERGY STAR
July 18, 2013
"Buy a new ENERGY STAR home"
By Kathleen Story

Builder and Developer Exit ENERGY STAR
July 2013
"An Energy Efficient Twist on Tradition "

Beazer Homes Blog Exit ENERGY STAR
July 1, 2013
"Behind the Beazer Scenes: How We Build ENERGY STAR Certified Homes "

June 2013

HollandSentinel.com Exit ENERGY STAR
June 12, 2013

The Gadsen Times Exit ENERGY STAR
June 6, 2013
"Family's Habitat house built to be energy efficient "

Today Money Exit ENERGY STAR
June 2013
"Study: Buyers of energy-efficient homes less likely to default "

May 2013

May 2013
"Diary of an ENERGY STAR Home: Insulating & Air Sealing the Shell "
by Jeff Bogard

Professional Builder Exit ENERGY STAR
May 2013
"Earning the Star "
by Kyle Clapham

Tomorrow is Greener Exit ENERGY STAR
May 27, 2013
"Energy Star Homes Pay for Themselves "

April 2013

Bloomberg Exit ENERGY STAR
April 2, 2013
"Energy Efficient Homes Reduce Risk of Mortgage Default "
By Kevin Lambert

Marketwire Exit ENERGY STAR
April 5, 2013
"Harper Government Announces First Canadian Home Built to the New ENERGY STAR Standard "

Old House Web Exit ENERGY STAR
April 2013
"Housing rebound: time for remodeling "
By Matt Grocoff

March 2013

PlanetSave Exit ENERGY STAR
March 1, 2013
"Five Home Technologies For Cleaner Energy"
By Rick Delgado

March 9, 2013
"Quality of Space Outranks Quantity in Most New Homes "

Yahoo! Finance Exit ENERGY STAR
March 19, 2013
"Energy-Efficient Homes Less Likely to Default, Study Says "
By Lisa Scherzer

February 2013

AnnArbor.com Exit ENERGY STAR
February 2, 2013
"Habitat for Humanity Dedicates Latest House to Single Mother in Ypsilanti "
By Kody Klein

Chicago Tribune Exit ENERGY STAR
February 15, 2013
"Utility Bills? That's So Passe "
By Mary Umberger

Triple Pundit Exit ENERGY STAR
February 27, 2013
"The Housing Market is on the Rise: Opportunities in Green Building "
By Tali Wee