Fraser-Johnston LX Series™ with Touch Screen Communicating Control


These compact units employ induced combustion, reliable hot surface ignition and high heat transfer aluminized tubular heat exchangers. The units are factory shipped for installation in upflow or horizontal applications and may be converted for down flow applications. These furnaces are designed for residential installation in a basement, closet, alcove, attic, recreation room or garage and are also ideal for commercial applications. All units are factory assembled, wired and tested to assure safe dependable and economical installation and operation. These units are Category IV listed and may be vented either through side wall or roof applications using approved plastic combustion air and vent piping.

  • 6 Models in series � Heat Inputs from 60,000 Btuh per 120,000 Btuh, and from 3 to 5 tons nominal airflow.

TP9C060B12MP12, TP9C080B12MP12, TP9C080C16MP12, TP9C100C162MP12, TP9C100C20MP12, TP9C120D20MP12


  • Compact 33� tall height and standard cabinet widths with true 4 position application
  • Modulating design continuously adjusts heat input, blower speed and inducer speed to provide optimum comfort, or in other words provides 100 stages of heat.
  • All models range from 97.5% to 98% AFUE for the industry�s highest product family efficiency offering to lower fuel cost and consumption. Industry�s first 98% AFUE residential gas furnace.
  • Hi-tech tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger with stainless steel tube/aluminum fin secondary heat exchanger for outstanding efficiency.
  • Exclusive Comfort Techonology variable speed ECM technology matches your region�s unique climate conditions to improve comfort, provides cooling SEER enhancement, and continuous fan options for IAQ performance.
  • Easy access to controls to connect power/control wiring.
  • Built-in, high level self diagnostics with fault code display.
  • Low unit amp requirement for easy replacement application.
  • All models are convertible to use propane (LP) gas.
  • Electronic Hot Surface Ignition saves fuel with increased dependability and reliability.
  • 24V, 40 VA control transformer and blower relay supplied for add-on cooling.
  • Airflow leakage less than 1% of nominal airflow for duct blaster conditions.
  • Solid removable bottom panel allows easy conversion.
  • No knockouts to deal with, making installation easier.
  • 1/4 turn knobs provided for easy independent door removal.
  • Movable duct connector flanges for application flexibility.
  • Inducer rotates for easy conversion of venting options.
  • Fully supported blower assembly for easy access and removal of blower.
  • External air filters used for maximum flexibility in meeting customers IAQ needs.
  • Insulated blower compartment for thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Internal condensate trap design (patent pending) provides condensate management options, easy visual operation check, and is self priming to prevent nuisance problems.
  • Dual Fuel System - The York TP9C modulating ECM furnace is part of a �Hybrid Comfort System™� when paired with a Fraser-Johnston LX Series™ Heat Pump.
  • Low Operating Sound Levels � Modulating the heat input along with the inducer and the circulating blower means that the furnace provides for whisper-quiet operation by only operating as fast as needed to move the air through your home.
  • Communications Capable � Requiring only a simple 4-wire installation, the furnace�s communicating capability enables the use of the Residential Touch Screen Communicating Control, allowing real time visibility of system operation and diagnostic features, while maintaining the ability to function as a traditional thermostat.
  • Warranty - Standard 5-year limited parts warranty and lifetime limited heat exchangers warranty. Extended 10-year limited parts warranty with registration

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