ELITE PRO-60X5FD Television


Intelligent Variable Contrast – Designed specifically for Elite LCD televisions, the Intelligent Variable Contrast (IVC) technology automatically controls brightness and backlight to create depth of color, brilliance, detail and dark areas. The new Intelligent Variable Contrast technology is designed to work in tandem with Elite�s RGB+Y, Precision Color Plus and LED local dimming technology to produce astonishing images never before seen on a TV. By analyzing the tone of the picture, IVC automatically controls the brightness of the backlight in each area with an adaptive image-processing algorithm. How this benefits customers: The result is instantly apparent: bright areas�especially self-lighted objects like stars�are much more brilliant and dark areas are far darker, projecting incredible depth. More colorful, more detailed�Intelligent Variable Contrast perfects your view.

RGB+Y – In addition to the standard red/green/blue sub-pixel components, Elite LCD televisions add a yellow sub-pixel to enable higher brightness with less power. In addition, the yellow sub-pixel enables the reproduction of many colors that flat-panel displays were previously unable to accurately depict. How this benefits customers: You�ll enjoy a wider variety of colors you can�t see on any other TV, like brilliant yellows, sparkling golds and Caribbean blues, brighter images and lower power consumption.

Precision Color Plus – With four sub-pixels, Elite LCD panels have smaller dots compared to conventional panels. Precision Color Plus enables the creation of more than 8 million dots on the screen for a much smoother, more appealing and detailed image. How this benefits customers: Your Elite LCD television is able to achieve more detail and smoothness for better consistency and an overall better picture.

FluidMotion – FluidMotion improves picture clarity and smoothness in fast motion movie and sports scenes by minimizing motion blur and jitter. How this benefits customers: Experience ultra-smooth fast motion movie and sports scenes, regardless of the source.

Gen 10 Panel – The Gen 10 LCD panel achieves an extremely high aperture level: 20% higher than conventional LCD panels. How this benefits customers: You�ll enjoy extremely high brightness and intensely vivid images.

Full Array LED – Elite panels feature a full array of Light Emitting Diodes, evenly dispersed behind a diffuser resulting in more uniform and brighter lighting than traditional edge-lit LED TVs. How this benefits customers: More uniform levels of brightness and color saturation delivers more lifelike images.

Local Dimming – Elite LCD panels feature a local dimming LED backlight configuration to offer even higher performance than regular Full Array LED TVs. How this benefits customers: Elite LCD panels can dim or brighten individual zones, creating extremely deep blacks for better contrast and detail.

IP Control – Enables universal device control through the Ethernet terminal in addition to that offered through RS-232C. This allows for integration into a home theater / home control system such as Control4�. How this benefits customers: You can use a PC or 3rd party controller to operate basic TV functions.

THX Certification – Recognized as the performance standard by media, professional installers and consumers, THX certification is reserved for TVs with best-in-class picture quality. With more than 400 laboratory tests performed, THX certification ensures accurate images and pristine video performance in every frame. THX 2D and 3D Movie Modes deliver the closest thing to a pre-calibrated video setting right out-of-the-box. How this benefits customers: With an Elite THX-Certified display, you�ll experience the same stunning color and detail found in the filmmaker�s studio.

ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Calibration – The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), a leader in the Display Standards industry since 1944 is dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging. ISF has four basic roles in the Display Standards industry: (1) Consulting with manufacturers regarding product development (2) Certification training (3) Media communication and (4) ISF licensing. In addition, they are the co-inventor of Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 20001 Monitor Calibration Wizard. ISF Calibration uses calibration utilities and software, a pattern generator and color temperature analyzer to properly calibrate the grayscale, set colors and color temperature for optimal performance in various environments, for example Day and Night modes. Once the calibration is complete the settings are stored on your Elite LCD TV. How this benefits customers: Display the best HDTV image possible for your unique home viewing environment with a �professional� and personalized setup.

Larger than Life – Available in 60� class (60 1/32� diagonal) and 70� class (69 �� inch diagonal) models, the Elite LCD HDTV is a commanding presence in the home and the focal point for home entertainment. Elite 70� Class (69-1/2� Diagonal) TVs offer 62% more viewing area than a 55� Class TV and a 60� Class (60-1/32� Diagonal) Elite TV offers over 20% more viewing area than a 55� Class TV. How this benefits customers: Whether it�s the big game, televised live events, or family movie night, moments best enjoyed on a large screen TV and shared with family and friends, Elite delivers premium picture quality, exceptional performance and an engrossing TV entertainment experience every time.

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