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for Residential Insulation Manufacturers

To become an insulation manufacturer partner:

1. Determine Partnership Eligibility

ENERGY STAR requires manufacturers (brand owners) that sell products as ENERGY STAR in the U.S. to enter into a manufacturing partner agreement with U.S. EPA. Partnership is not available to original equipment manufacturers that do not sell directly to consumers.

See the ENERGY STAR Partnership Commitments and Definitions and Testing Requirements Version 1.0 (Rev. Mar-2013) PDF (99 KB) for information about included product types, test requirements, criteria, and partner commitments.

NOTE to Residential Insulation Installers and Contractors – contractors are not eligible for partnership under the residential insulation product program, but may be eligible to participate in a local Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

NOTE to Air Sealing Product Manufacturers – EPA continues to work to revise and enhance the air sealing product portion of the Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR program, which aims to recognize products whose main purpose is to reduce air leaks or ensure that homes have a high performing air barrier. EPA currently is not accepting new air sealing manufacturer participants at this time until the participation requirements have been finalized.

2. Fill out and submit a Partnership Agreement from ENERGY STAR:

Download the Manufacturer Partnership Agreement Packet PDF (1.29MB). Please review all the necessary documents before proceeding with any of the paperwork. Once you have reviewed, please fill out the Partnership Agreement Packet.

  • Enter your organization information on pages three and five.
  • Enter your organization's contact information on page seven.
  • Check the authorization box on page five.
  • Check the appropriate Program Area box on page six (Category: Home Building Envelope Products, Program Area: Residential Insulation Products)
  • Date the form on page six.

Once you've completed the Partnership Agreement Packet, please save your changes and send it to the address below:

ENERGY STAR c/o ICF International
1725 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20006

If you have any questions about the partnership agreement process, want to verify your partnership, or check on the status of your paperwork, please send an email to join@energystar.gov.

3. Get product line(s) tested and third-party certified:

Once the Partnership Agreement (PA) has been approved, the manufacturer will be granted Active Applicant status. Each Applicant is given 1 year to get at least one product line through the certification process.

Applicants should submit the requested test data on their residential insulation product line(s) for evaluation by an EPA-recognized third-party insulation certification body (CB). The testing must be done by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. If the manufacturer does not have data that meets this requirement, they can contact their CB to help them find a test lab that meets the requirements.

The CB will also request product installation instructions and diagrams (or illustration or pictures) on how to install the product.

The CB will issue an ENERGY STAR product certification report for each product line. If a manufacturer has a product line report (code report) less than 3 years old that meets the ENERGY STAR report requirements, it may be used to comply with these requirements.

NOTE to Applicants with PA's approved before December 1, 2012 – an extension has been granted for the Active Applicant period, and at least one product must be certified by December 1, 2013. Previous program partners may continue using logos during this an Active Applicant period.

4. Return the Manufacturer Information Form to ENERGY STAR at the following email address:

Complete the Manufacturer Information Form (MIF), which will be provided once the Partnership Agreement has been approved and submit to insulation@energystar.gov. The evaluation of this form includes reviewing that all manufacturer website and marketing claims meet the requirements in the Partner Commitments. Issue letters will be sent to the manufacturer requesting changes to the web content on an as needed basis.

If you have any questions about the MIF evaluation process, or would like to check on the status of your paperwork, please send an email to insulation@energystar.gov.

5. Partnership is granted!

Once the first ENERGY STAR product certification report is completed by the CB, and the MIF is received and approved by ENERGY STAR, the manufacturer will be notified that they are an Active Partner and will be granted access to the Partner Mark, the Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR Educational Mark, and the Insulation Educational Mark through a My ENERGY STAR Account (MESA).

6. Stay informed:

Find program resources and archived documents for the Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR Program on the Program Enhancement and Development Page.

If you have any general inquiries or if you would like to receive program updates, please send an email to insulation@energystar.gov or Doug Anderson, EPA Seal and Insulate Program Manager, at anderson.doug@epa.gov.