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Promote or Sponsor Programs


ENERGY STAR is becoming an increasingly recognized trusted symbol among consumers. Nationwide, ENERGY STAR now has more than 75% recognition and the label appears on more than 60 product categories, as well as buildings, homes and financing.

ENERGY STAR is simple, easy to implement, and will save you money. Participation in ENERGY STAR is an easy way to add value to your own operations and bring greater value to your customers. You can join ENERGY STAR to promote products, new homes, home improvement, financing, and business.

Products with the ENERGY STAR Label

ENERGY STAR labeled products are available in more than 60 categories for residential or commercial use. These products are 10–25% more efficient than required by the federal standard while providing top performance and innovative features.

By showing customers and employees that they can save energy with ENERGY STAR qualified products, you give them the opportunity to save money and protect the environment, both at home and the office. You can also close the loop by showing them where to buy qualified products in their area and how to purchase qualified products in bulk for their business. Learn more about qualified/eligible products and find the resources to market qualified products

New Homes with the ENERGY STAR Label

ENERGY STAR provides a powerful platform for utilities, state agencies, and other organizations implementing energy efficiency programs. ENERGY STAR for New Homes can reduce energy demand while improving the comfort, quality, durability, and affordability of homes.

Sponsoring an ENERGY STAR Homes program is a unique opportunity for long-term peak and energy demand savings. An ENERGY STAR Homes program can stand alone or complement an existing residential energy efficiency initiative. Learn more about the benefits of sponsoring an ENERGY STAR Homes program, guidance on effective program design and implementation, and the resources available to help you.

In Business:

ENERGY STAR benchmarking is changing the building industry’s perception of energy performance. Consumers are provided with an easy way to obtain meaningful comparisons of buildings’ energy performance to that of similar buildings throughout the US. Qualified buildings that meet ENERGY STAR criteria have energy performance that places them in the top 25% of similar buildings nationwide. Learn more about offering building improvement services or improving your own business’s energy efficiency

Financing for ENERGY STAR Products:

ENERGY STAR financing gives consumers the incentive to purchase ENERGY STAR labeled products by reducing the initial cost. ENERGY STAR financing is funded by a private lender and sponsored by a manufacturer, utility, or retailer partner.

Responsibilities and Resources

Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors (EEPS) play a critical role in delivering and reinforcing the ENERGY STAR message in local markets. While you should review the commitment section of your partnership agreement in detail, below are highlights of your role in the ENERGY STAR partnership along with selected resources to help you get started.

Comply with ENERGY STAR Brand Book. (Resources: ENERGY STAR logo, ENERGY STAR Brand Book)

Promote ENERGY STAR awareness. Determine best vehicles and messages for promoting overall ENERGY STAR awareness to your customers and constituents. Keep abreast of national messaging and promotional opportunities. Coordinate your efforts with other partners.

Submit an action plan outlining ENERGY STAR initiatives. Develop and submit an action plan outlining specific ENERGY STAR initiatives that you will undertake. While we hope partners will integrate ENERGY STAR messaging and tools in local initiatives wherever applicable, for newcomers, we recommend a step-by-step approach based on a realistic assessment of institutional capacity and resources.

Consider opportunities to earn special distinction. Some of the activities that can make your organization eligible for special distinction include educating employees, developing an internal ENERGY STAR procurement policy, and benchmarking and improving the buildings you own or occupy.

How To Join In The ENERGY STAR Program