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Energy Savings at Home

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Benefits of Sponsoring a Local Program

By sponsoring a local ENERGY STAR HVAC Quality Installation program you can help to:

  • Address homeowners' comfort problems;
  • Reduce excessive energy bills;
  • Focus attention on energy-efficient practices that go beyond traditional HVAC equipment installation;
  • Improve public perception by being an advocate for energy efficiency; and
  • Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Estimated savings potential with QI ranges from 18% to 36% for air conditioners and heat pumps and 11% to 18% for furnaces.

The charts below show the losses in typical residential HVAC systems. Quality installations help deliver the equipment's full potential.

Typical Furnace Installation

Pie chart: Energy lost to duct leakage is 15%. Heating delivered is 85%.

Typical Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Installation

Pie chart: Energy lost to duct leakage is 15%. Energy lost to improper refrigerant level is 4%. Energy lost to improper air flow is 3%. Energy lost to improper equipment sizing is 5%. Cooling/Heating delivered is 73%.

For utilities, ENERGY STAR HVAC Quality Installation can also help meet Public Utility Commission energy efficiency mandates and delay or avoid energy supply investments and provide an opportunity to offer new and improved services to residential customers.

For more information on sponsoring an ENERGY STAR Quality Installation program, contact Ted Leopkey at EPA: 202-343-9659,