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Quality Installation for HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors can use ENERGY STAR recommended practices to increase their revenues, improve customer satisfaction, and make home heating and cooling systems perform better.

When you participate in a locally sponsored ENERGY STAR program, you are provided with educational resources to help you perform quality installations and explain the benefits to homeowners. These resources include in-person and online training, as well as marketing materials. Using ENERGY STAR marketing materials will allow you to provide homeowners with credible, unbiased information about the value of QI.

Even if an ENERGY STAR program is not yet offered in your area, contractors who use Quality Installation practices can use the Bid Comparison Checklist PDF (350KB) to show their customers the comprehensive service they offer.

If your utility is offering an ENERGY STAR Quality Installation program, become a participating contractor and you may be eligible for incentives, additional marketing support, local training and in-field mentoring.

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