Partner with ENERGY STAR

Partnering with ENERGY STAR has many benefits for program sponsors. U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE can provide sponsors with assistance in program planning, promotion, and contractor recruitment.

Examples of program support provided by ENERGY STAR include:

  • National Symposium on Home Performance with ENERGY STAR for participating sponsors and organizations interested in becoming sponsors;
  • Assistance with market assessment and program design;
  • Technical assistance on reviewing building science issues related to program start-up;
  • Information about local, state, and national incentives for residential energy efficiency and renewable energy;
  • Home Performance Contractor Business Development Guide, case studies, and sales training; and
  • Marketing tools, including the ENERGY STAR web site, consumer brochure, and an on-line marketing toolkit with templates for creating customized Home Performance advertisements and other marketing materials.

In addition, EPA and DOE have established a national network of experienced program implementers, building scientists, advertising and marketing firms, and contractors that can serve to advise and assist in program start-up.

All program sponsors must submit a Program Implementation Plan that outlines program strategies, policies, and procedures that address the national Home Performance with ENERGY STAR requirements. A Program Implementation Plan Template PDF (800KB) is available to use as a guide.

Submit your signed Partnership Agreement and Program Implementation Plan to:

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
U.S. EPA (Mail Code 6202J)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460

Or Fax to:


Or Email to:

For additional information and support for developing a local Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, email