How to Develop a Local Program

Who can become a sponsor?

Organizations that are typically eligible to sponsor a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs include utilities, states, municipalities, and non-profit organizations that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.

What is the role of the program sponsor?

A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR sponsor is responsible for overseeing the program’s implementation and the performance of participating contractors to ensure that quality standards are met. To be effective in this role a sponsor must be legally and financially independent from participating contractors. Sponsoring a program is a significant commitment and will require an investment of financial resources. Therefore, organizations should establish a budget and identify a consistent source of revenue before making a commitment.

Where do I start?

All program sponsors sign an ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement and submit a Program Implementation Plan for ENERGY STAR to review. The Program Implementation Plan documents how the local program's policies and procedures meet national program requirements. Download a copy of our Program Implementation Plan Template PDF (800KB) to help you get started.

Federal Grant Opportunities for Home Performance Sponsors

Federal agencies such as HUD and DOE offer grant programs PDF (169KB) whose funds can be used to support energy efficiency efforts for existing homes, including affordable housing. Organizations can apply for funding under these grant programs to develop and implement energy efficiency programs, including the development of a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

For additional information and support for developing a local Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, email

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