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EPA and DOE strengthen coordination on whole home energy efficiency upgrades

As part of EPA and DOE's efforts to spur greater energy efficiency, federal activities promoting whole home energy upgrades will be consolidated at DOE. Over the past 2 years, DOE has increased its focus on energy retrofits and recently announced a new Home Energy Score, and Tool and Workforce Guidelines for home energy upgrades. With this change, the federal government will achieve greater management and resource efficiency in its effort to increase market adoption of home energy upgrades. This change will provide better integration of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) with DOE's research and deployment efforts, including the Better Buildings Grant Program and the Building America Research program.

Today's announcement is part of the plan for greater coordination laid out between EPA and DOE in an MOU signed in September of 2009. The MOU defines areas of responsibility between EPA and DOE that build upon and leverage their respective areas of expertise and outlines a number of program enhancements that will drive greater efficiency for American consumers and greater efficiency in homes and buildings. Under the MOU, EPA is the lead Agency for all aspects of the ENERGY STAR program including brand management and DOE is the lead for the enhanced national building performance rating system.

Today's announcement covers EPA activities to encourage home energy upgrades. EPA's management of the ENERGY STAR brand, including activities to drive greater efficiency in the construction of new homes and quality installation of HVAC equipment and insulation, will remain at EPA.

EPA and DOE are working together to develop a plan that will provide a smooth transition for all stakeholders, including the future use of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR name. This transition is scheduled to be completed by October 1, 2011. Stakeholders are invited to participate in a meeting in Washington, DC in April to share ideas on how to strengthen our work on home efficiency upgrades.

April 13, 2011 Stakeholder Meeting Agenda

May 4, 2011 HPwES Stakeholder Webinar and Q&A PDF (1.4MB)

May 4, 2011 HPwES Stakeholder Webinar Recording (.mp3, 5.46 MB)