Save Money and More with ENERGY STAR Qualified Gas Condensing Water Heaters

Gas Condensing Water Heaters Annual Energy Costs
Gas Condensing Water Heaters Annual Savings

Though not arriving until mid-2010, ENERGY STAR qualified gas condensing water heaters will deliver savings worth waiting for. Begin planning for your next water heater replacement and enjoy all these benefits:

Save money. The smart design enhancement that increases the efficiency of gas condensing water heaters can reduce your natural gas bills by more than $100 each year. That's like getting a year's supply of shampoo and dishwashing soap for free. Larger families — that typically use more hot water — will save even more.

Save energy and the environment. You can cut your water heating energy use by 30% with a new ENERGY STAR qualified gas condensing model. By shaving about 75 therms from your natural gas bill every year, you are also reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. If just five percent of the gas water heaters sold each year were ENERGY STAR qualified gas condensing models, the U.S. would avoid wasting $25 million — and 17.2 million therms of energy — each year. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, that's equivalent to taking almost 17,000 cars off the road.

Enjoy a nearly constant supply of hot water. Because gas condensing water heaters are so efficient at heating water, the tank heats up almost as quickly as it's filled. Those days of running out of hot water during the morning shower will be a distant memory.

Use the newest technology. Pay less than your neighbors for hot water when you install a gas condensing water heater. You'll take advantage of the latest technology while also being protected by an eight year warranty.