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Request “ENERGY STAR qualified” Office Equipment for Additional Savings

New requirements for office electronics in 2007 make these ENERGY STAR qualified products even more energy efficient:

Additionally, these 3 “ENERGY STAR qualified” products offer additional savings:

ENERGY STAR Product Savings

  Energy Savings (kWh/year) Dollar Savings ($/year) Energy Savings (kWh/LIFETIME) Dollar Savings ($/LIFETIME*)
Printers (Laser) 502 $35 2,500 $175
Copiers 850 $60 4,250 $300
MFDs 587 $41 3,522 $246
* Lifetime savings number undiscounted.
** Lifetime savings were estimated using an average commercial energy rate.

Be sure to request “ENERGY STAR qualified” computers and monitors in your procurement language, contracts, RFPs, etc.

For more information , visit the ENERGY STAR office equipment page.