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How Can Federal Agencies Make These Purchases Quickly and Easily?

Federal agencies should take the following steps to make ENERGY STAR purchases quickly and easily:

Step 1: Modify your Procurement Language

Insert FAR clause 52.223-15 Exit ENERGY STAR into contracts and solicitations and ensure ENERGY STAR and FEMP are referenced in the Statement of Work section.

Step 2: Educate your Vendors and Personnel

Ensure that your vendors and personnel are aware of your ENERGY STAR purchasing policy and understand the benefits of using energy efficient products. The ENERGY STAR program has tools for educating both the sellers and users of energy efficient technology:

  • Use our template Word document for communicating this policy to stakeholders.
  • Arrange for an ENERGY STAR representative to conduct a webinar for your team, or participate in a “train the trainer” session so you can conduct the webinar yourself. Contact espurchasing@cadmusgroup.com to arrange these sessions.
  • Contact us at espurchasing@cadmusgroup.com for assistance in communicating the benefits of using ENERGY STAR products.

Step 3: Choose ENERGY STAR Products to Purchase

Step 4: Estimate your Potential Savings

Use ENERGY STAR Products savings calculators.

Step 5: Purchase ENERGY STAR Qualified Products

Take advantage of various purchasing vehicles that make it easy to buy ENERGY STAR. Examples include:

  • The contract vehicle you developed in Step 1
  • GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules that specify only ENERGY STAR products.
  • The GSA Advantage! site Exit ENERGY STAR can be filtered for only ENERGY STAR qualified products and is easily searchable.

Where can I learn more?

Read how the Air Force PDF (314KB) saves over $15 million annually through purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified computers and power managing those computers with these best practices:

  • Engaging high-level leadership from IT and acquisition groups.
  • Ensuring all operational units are represented when developing the core computer configuration and power management policy.
  • Developing and executing a focused communication strategy that informs staff early and often about the policy.
  • Providing your purchasers and specifiers with a simplified menu of approved models and configurations that make purchases easy.

Please see additional ENERGY STAR Products purchasing and procurement case studies.