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What Energy Efficient Products Are Federal Agencies Required to Purchase?

For energy-consuming products, federal agencies are required to purchase energy efficient options:

Energy efficient products must meet the functional requirements of the agency and be cost-effective over the life of the product. To make it easy for the Federal agencies, the statutes guide purchasers to programs that label products that meet these criteria.

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified Products. Federal agencies are required to purchase ENERGY STAR qualified products and to activate the sleep settings on computers and monitors. (Check ENERGY STAR purchasing to see a product list.)
  • FEMP-Designated Energy Efficiency Requirements. The Federal Energy Management Program Exit ENERGY STAR sets energy efficiency purchasing requirements for product categories commonly purchased by Federal agencies. FEMP also sets maximum standby power levels for certain product categories and identifies low standby power products in its Standby Power Data Center.
  • EPEAT Registered Computers and Monitors. EPEAT is a procurement tool that helps purchasers evaluate, compare, and select computers and monitors based on their environmental attributes–such as meeting ENERGY STAR criteria. Visit epeat.net Exit ENERGY STAR for more information.

What New Opportunities Does ENERGY STAR Offer For Federal Purchasers?

In addition to white goods, office equipment and consumer electronics, the ENERGY STAR program covers an increasing number of products well-suited for federal government purchasers:

  • ENERGY STAR certified uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can cut energy losses up to 55%. The specification includes everything from the small UPS beneath your desk protecting your computer to 8-ton UPS that protects your data center.
  • ENERGY STAR certified servers use more efficient power supplies, CPUs and fans and are 25 percent more energy efficient than standard servers.
  • Built to provide clear bright images from a distance all-day and all-night, ENERGY STAR certified professional displays are the right choice for lobbies of federal buildings. A 50" to 60" professional display can save around $350 over its lifetime while a 3 x 3 video wall with 30” to 40” displays can save close to $2,000 over its lifetime. For the lighter loads of a conference room, an ENERGY STAR certified television is 25 percent more efficient than standard models.

Where can I learn more?

Read how the Air Force PDF (314KB) saves over $15 million annually through purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified computers and power managing those computers with these best practices:

  • Engaging high-level leadership from IT and acquisition groups.
  • Ensuring all operational units are represented when developing the core computer configuration and power management policy.
  • Developing and executing a focused communication strategy that informs staff early and often about the policy.
  • Providing your purchasers and specifiers with a simplified menu of approved models and configurations that make purchases easy.

Please see additional ENERGY STAR Products purchasing and procurement case studies.