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Computers and Displays

New ENERGY STAR Computers and Displays Can Save Up To $150 Per Year Per System


If you have “flat panel” LCD Displays, you are already saving. However, if you still have CRT Displays, you will save $20 –100* when you replace them with LCDs.

Learn more about ENERGY STAR monitors.


New ENERGY STAR specifications for computers go into effect in July 2007, but you can request them now. These features can save up to $50 per computer.

Learn more about ENERGY STAR workstations, desktops, and laptops.

ENERGY STAR Program Savings

If government organizations purchase ENERGY STAR qualified computers, they will save nearly 3 billion kWh annually and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4.4 billion pounds each year.

  Energy Savings (kWh/year) Dollar Savings ($/year) Energy Savings (kWh/LIFETIME) Dollar Savings ($/LIFETIME*)
Desktop 171 $14 685 $53
Notebook 14 $1 57 $4
* Lifetime savings number undiscounted

Request “ENERGY STAR qualified” computers and displays from your vendors

Be sure to request “ENERGY STAR qualified” computers and displays in your procurement language, contracts, RFPs, etc.

Executive Order 13423 also mandates federal agencies to buy EPEAT registered products. EPEAT is a system to help purchasers evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and displays based on their environmental attributes. For additional information, see www.epeat.net Exit ENERGY STAR.