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Buyer’s Guide

  • Ask for ENERGY STAR.

    Ask for an ENERGY STAR certified model to be sure it's energy efficient. Use the store locator to find a retail outlet that sells ENERGY STAR certified products.

  • Check the yellow EnergyGuide label.

    The EnergyGuide label tells you how much energy it takes to operate a dishwasher. Use it to compare the energy use of similar models and estimate annual operating costs. Learn How to Use the EnergyGuide Label. Exit ENERGY STAR

  • Choose the right size for your home.

    Standard-capacity models hold more than eight place settings and six serving pieces, while compact-capacity models hold up to that amount. If you have to operate a compact model more frequently, over time you may use more energy than you would with a standard model.

  • Choose a dishwasher with several wash cycle options.

    If your dishes are only slightly soiled, you can use a light or energy-saving wash cycle, which uses less water and operates for a shorter period of time.