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Other Available Features

Various performance and convenience features are available on dehumidifiers, which may add to their purchase price. ENERGY STAR does not endorse any of the features below, but provides this information to help you select the best product for your individual needs.

  • A Timer will enable you to control the cycling of the dehumidifier, and set it to turn on at night. This may save you money on electricity bills, by taking advantage of off-peak electric rates.
  • A Washable Air Filter will allow you to easily remove and clean the filter, so that the dehumidifier does not become clogged with dust and dirt and operate less efficiently. Additionally, the unit’s coils should also be regularly vacuumed or dusted, so that dirt does not build up there, either.
  • A Pause button enables you to stop the dehumidifier for a pre-set short period of time if the sound from the dehumidifier interferes with a nearby activity.
  • A Built-in Condensate Pump, which takes water from the dehumidifier’s water storage bucket and pumps it directly out of a window or into a sink for draining can be a big time-saver. This feature means you would never have to worry about the dehumidifier turning off automatically due to a full bucket, nor would you have to manually empty the bucket. (The advantage of a condensate pump over a hose for drainage is that the hose would be reliant on gravity, so it would require careful placement to ensure proper drainage into a floor drain or sump.)
  • Multiple Fan Speeds will mean that you have the choice of running the dehumidifier at a higher speed, which is generally more efficient or a lower speed, which is quieter.
  • If you plan to move your dehumidifier around, look for one with an easy-to-use carrying handle and/or wheels. This will make transportation of the unit a lot easier!