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Did you know that a 10 minute shower uses less water than a full bath?

Or that home electronics account for 15% of the average electric bill and often draw electricity even while turned off?

How about that an ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer uses half the electricity of a standard model?

Check out ENERGY STAR @ home!

With ENERGY STAR @ home, consumers learn simple, practical tips to save energy and increase home comfort through an engaging, interactive format. Users explore the house room-by-room, discovering information on energy-efficient products, ideas for home improvement, and tips on general energy-saving practices. The tool features the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified cooling products, but is available on energystar.gov year-round with a changing seasonal/promotional focus.

Sample Room-by-Room View

Sample Room-by-Room View

ENERGY STAR Partners have the opportunity to help their customers and organizations learn how to Cool Their World this summer by linking to ENERGY STAR @ home from your company Web sites — just e-mail coolyourworld@cadmusgroup.com for details. This year we are enhancing the ENERGY STAR @ home tool by featuring real-life stories from homeowners across America making energy-efficient improvements or upgrades to their home. Invite homeowners in your area who are making energy-efficient upgrades to their homes to publicly share their home improvement stories and show how your organization helped.

Use the tool in-store or on your Web site in conjunction with promotions or special deals on featured products.

ENERGY STAR @ home can help individuals realize that simple changes can make an enormous difference — both for their wallets and for the environment.