Save Money, Energy and Water — Choose ENERGY STAR Qualified Commercial Clothes Washers

If your laundry facilities aren’t equipped with ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers, you are wasting money on water and energy bills—money that could be put to use elsewhere.

Save more than $100 per washer per year, on average. In a 10-washer facility where the water heater and clothes dryers are fueled by natural gas, water and energy savings total $10,327 over 10 years! Savings vary depending on utility rates, fuel choice, and other factors.

10-year cost comparison for a 10-Washer Facility
Utility Bill Savings
(each washer)
Heating Fuel
Electricity Natural Gas
First-year savings $141.60 $103.27
Savings over the life of your contract 5-year $708 $516
7-year $991 $723
10-year $1416 $1033


Savings estimates assume 950 wash cycles per year (Source: Multihousing Laundry Association), and a national average commercial electricity price of $0.097/kWh, gas price of $1.10/therm (Source: U.S. Department of Energy, 2008), and water price of $0.004529/gallon (Source: Raftelis Water and Wastewater Rate Survey, 2006). Ten-washer savings estimate assumes gas water heating and clothes drying.