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Portfolio Manager Web Services for Utilities

Portfolio Manager web services facilitate electronic access to key energy performance metrics that are generated by EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. Third parties, including energy service companies, utilities, and regional efficiency programs can use web services to send energy consumption and/or building characteristic data to Portfolio Manager and receive ENERGY STAR scores, weather normalized energy use intensity (EUI) benchmarks, and carbon emissions estimates in return. Utilities and other energy efficiency program sponsors, through the use of web services, can make it easier for customers and energy efficiency program managers to benchmark buildings and maintain their profiles by:

  • Providing utility data — Customers can connect with their utility and authorize them to import energy data directly into Portfolio Manager on their behalf. Typically, this process is started by the customers after they create a Portfolio Manager account and enter building characteristic information. Once the exchange of data between the utility and Portfolio Manager begins, both the customers and the utility can view and track the building’s 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score and other building information.
  • Integrating web services into customer “dashboards” or web pages — Some utilities offer customers energy information tools as a part of their online bill access websites or as standalone software packages. Utilities can integrate the use of the Portfolio Manager web services with these online tools to obtain and display ENERGY STAR performance metrics as value-added information. This allows customers to view their benchmarking information, including 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR scores, directly within the utility’s own website or online application.

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