Get Started as a Pledge Driver

Becoming a Pledge Driver means you are making a public commitment to invite your community or organization to take the pledge. You must plan to ask 100 people or more to take the pledge. As a Pledge Driver, you can track and promote the difference your group is making in helping to preserve our environment and energy resources for future generations.

As a Pledge Driver, you gain access to customizable materials to engage your community in this important effort and personalized tools to track your group's progress against your own Pledge goal. You will also be able to compare how your organization is doing next to other organizations across the country.

Step 1: Register as a Pledge Driver

When you’re ready to set a goal and get started, Register as a Pledge Driver online and set a goal for the number of pledges you hope to drive. Pledge goal pre-registration for new and existing pledge drivers for the 2007/2008 campaign is available from mid- August on. 2006/2007 pledge drivers can set their new pledge goal directly from their organization tracking page. New pledge goals set by August 31st go live together on September 3, one month in advance of the official campaign kick-off on ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day (October 3, 2007). All pledge driver registrations submitted from the 2007 pre-registration timeframe on through September 2008 will be counted as part of the 2007/2008 campaign. Pledge drivers may work to meet their pledge goals anytime during the year.

Step 2: Receive Personalized Tracking Tools and Outreach Materials

Once your request to join is processed, you are e-mailed two unique Web addresses; The “Linking URL” to directly link people to the pledge page in a way that attributes their pledge to your organization, and the “Tracking URL” to access your organization's statistics where you can track how your group is doing against your goal.

Step 3: Invite Your Community

You invite your community (for ex., employees, customers, members, etc.) to take the online pledge, using your special “Linking URL” or encourage them to select your organization's name from the list found at on the Take the Pledge form.

Step 4: Track Your Progress

Track your group's progress as you go, using the “Tracking URL” provided when your request to join was processed.

Step 5: Get Thanks and Promote Your Impact

Once you reach your goal, you will receive a certificate and a press release template highlighting the difference your group has made for energy resources and the environment.

If you want help determining if becoming a Pledge Driver is right for your group or if you have any questions, please contact our Campaign staff.

Register as a Pledge Driver now!