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ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign 2007–2008

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The ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign is a national call-to-action to encourage individuals to help change the world, one light — one energy-saving step — at a time. The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and Department of Housing and Urban Development are pleased to partner to sponsor the Campaign this year. Learn more about the Campaign.

As a Change a Light Pledge Driver, you can continue collecting lighting-specific pledges to meet your 2007/2008 pledge goals until October 1, 2008. The link from your Web site will take participants to the ENERGY STAR Pledge, but if they pledge in the “Change a Light” section of the pledge form, their lighting pledges will still be credited to you.

If you are ready to transition to the Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR campaign, you can become a Change the World pledge driver now and start tracking savings garnered from participants who take the new pledge.

Get Involved: Join the Campaign!

Most of us want to save energy and are sensitive to the need to protect our environment, but not everyone knows where to start. You can help!

Get Started as a Pledge Driver

Take a leadership role — and make a difference in helping to save energy and fight global climate change — by inviting your community to take the pledge. (View All Pledge Groups)

Engage your Community or Organization

Use these ideas and materials about how to share the campaign with your community.

Educate Students

Use these campaign ideas and materials about how to share the campaign with students

Promote at Retail

Encourage purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting, train sales staff, and publicize your campaign involvement with free materials.

Support as a Government Leader

Federal, state and local officials, find out how you can get involved and access turnkey materials.

Register your Activity

Post your activity online so people will know that you are participating and see when your activity will happen. (Search for 2007–2008 Campaign Activities!)

Subscribe to Email Updates

Keep updated with emails sent 1–2 times a month with the latest additions to online materials, media developments, and more.

Download Materials for your Campaign Activities

Pledge Driver Tool-Kit

Registered pledge drivers, use these materials to promote the campaign and encourage pledges towards your pledge goal.

Promotional Materials

Customizable materials, building blocks, fact sheets and more are available for your use. Pre-printed materials are available upon request. Web tools and downloadable rewards are also available.