Support as a Government Leader

A variety of turnkey materials are available to make it easy for government leaders at ALL levels to join the Campaign. Click your government sector below to download a CAMPAIGN TOOLKIT which includes: Results from the 2006/2007 ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign, a list of Suggested Activities for the 2007/2008 campaign, State-Specific Fun Facts, and Campaign Talking Points. Additional materials can be found below, including a template press release, proclamation, newsletter article, and more.

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Take the ENERGY STAR Change a Light Pledge and commit to change at least one light to an ENERGY STAR qualified one.

Become a "pledge driver" Declare a pledge goal for your community, then encourage your residents and staff to take the pledge on your office's behalf.

Educate your residents by helping to place a Radio Public Service Announcement Exit ENERGY STAR customized for your state on your website or on local radio stations.

Issue a press release, place an article or issue a proclamation. See sample templates below.

Host a media or consumer event on or around October 3, 2007

Buying ENERGY STAR qualified light bulbs for Change a Light?

  • Use ENERGY STAR Quantity Quotes Exit ENERGY STAR to receive quotes from ENERGY STAR partner manufacturers toward a bulk quantity of ENERGY STAR qualified light bulbs or fixtures, and other ENERGY STAR qualified products.

Make sure to register your activity so people will know what you are doing and when your event will happen.

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