Background Image Library

Following are thumbnail images that meet ENERGY STAR's Identity Guidelines PDF (3.62MB). These images may only be used in the promotion of ENERGY STAR. Feel free to use your own background imagery to promote the campaign, as best meets your needs.

High resolution files:

Product Images are also available.

Image 1 (3.62MB) Image 2 (2.32MB) Image 3 (1.98MB)
Field of Red Flowers Smiling Boy Woman and Child
Image 4 (644KB) Image 5 (1.25MB) Image 6 (485KB)
Boy and Girl Running Clouds in Sky Shine Girl
Image 7 (3.5MB) Image 8 (54KB)
couple in a booth man with dog
Image 9 (107KB) Image 10 (628KB)
dandelion fall leaf
Image 11 (415KB) Image 12 (159KB) Image 13 (247KB)
Child writing Woman on stepstool Woman changing bulb
Teenager studying
Image 14 (144KB)