Promote at Retail

Acme Markets

“Not only did the local environmental organizations benefit from our fundraiser, but our CFL sales also increased by 400% compared to the same time last year.”

— Walt Rubel, Director of Government Relations & Community Affairs, Acme Markets, Inc.

Acme Markets, a subsidiary of Albertsons, Inc., undertook a sales promotion donating $1 from each CFL sold in October to three well-known environmental organizations in Acme's marketing area. Acme communicated this promotion to consumers through a number of vehicles, including their monthly "Big Book of Values," their weekly circular, a targeted marketing piece, and store window posters. Their efforts resulted in a 400% increase in CFL sales for the month, as compared to October 2004.

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Sea Gull Lighting

“Sea Gull Lighting was happy to participate yet again in the campaign. We enjoyed rewarding people who took the Pledge.”

— Ace Rosenstein, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Sea Gull Lighting offered a special coupon toward their ENERGY STAR qualified decorative light fixtures in conjunction with the online, Change a Light Pledge.

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The Home Depot

“The Home Depot has been part of this campaign for many years now. Each year, we see significant sales increases of ENERGY STAR qualified light bulbs during the campaign timeframe. Last year, in addition to a sizeable advertising and in-store and online marketing effort, we teamed with Radio Disney and several regional programs to promote the national campaign through fun, family-oriented events. Nearly 2 million customers were introduced to the energy, money and environmental benefits of ‘Changing a Light.’”

— Richard Dale, Global Product Merchant, The Home Depot

In 2005, The Home Depot integrated the ENERGY STAR message throughout the company, its subsidiaries and new enterprises through such efforts as Associate training, in-store and ex-store marketing and promotion, and product selection. For the Change a Light 2005 Campaign, The Home Depot teamed with Radio Disney and EEPS partners to host fun, family-oriented in-store events to promote ENERGY STAR qualified lighting and fixtures. These events reached more than 1.8 million consumers with ENERGY STAR messaging. In addition, the retailer worked with a number of vendors and suppliers to increase the number of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting SKUs available at all stores nationwide. This effort resulted in an increase in ENERGY STAR qualified CFL and ceiling fan SKUs by 47% and 31%, respectively. The Home Depot also partnered with EPA and a number of vendors and EEPS partners to implement training programs to make associates the leading experts on ENERGY STAR qualified products resulting in, among other accomplishments, 700,000 training impressions in support of Change a Light through breakroom posters and HDTV.

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Promote to Utility Customers

Alliant Energy/MidAmerican Energy

“In 2005, with help from messaging and materials available from the campaign, we created a high-profile advertising and media campaign that we are confident will achieve positive, long-term changes in the market for ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products in Iowa.”

— Kim King, Product Manager, Residential Energy Efficiency Programs, Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy-Interstate Power and Light Co. and MidAmerican Energy Company partnered to promote the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign to customers throughout Iowa. In collaboration with 335 participating retailers, they helped electric customers make a simple switch to energy-efficient lighting by offering a $2 instant rebate on ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulb purchases combined with educational marketing and media outreach. As a result of their efforts, Alliant and MidAmerican exceeded their goal of 300,000 CFL sales, selling more than 401,000 CFLs to Iowans during the two-month promotion.

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Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA)

Brightening Our Communities with ENERGY STAR Qualified Compact Fluorescent Lights

“DMEA leveraged the campaign's timing and educational messaging to conduct a highly successful CFL community fundraiser that not only helped us engage our local community groups, retailers, and schools, but also proved that CFLs don't have to be heavily discounted to sell; they will sell on their merits if you educate the consumer.”

— Ed Thomas, Market Development Division

To promote ENERGY STAR qualified lighting, Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), a Colorado electric cooperative, organized the "Brightening Our Communities with ENERGY STAR Qualified Compact Fluorescent Lights" initiative, engaging fifteen local non-profit community groups. The project served as a fundraiser for these groups, with each group retaining $2 from the sale of a $5 CFL, during the two weeks surrounding ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day. Communicating the message that "Energy efficiency doesn't cost, it pays," DMEA developed training materials and held informational sessions for the groups selling the CFLs. As a result, more than 3,000 CFLs were sold, the non-profits raised nearly $6,000 for their causes, and DMEA established a community base for future campaign participation. Retail sales have also increased since the close of the DMEA promotion.

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National Grid

“National Grid made the campaign a top priority in 2005 and in doing so, took full advantage of promoting the Pledge as a way to increase awareness of the ENERGY STAR brand, CFLs and fixtures, and increase our customers' purchases of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products. Our message became even more important as fuel costs began to rise significantly in New England. We wanted to show customers that changing one light bulb is an easy and beneficial step for customers to take.”

— Kate Ringe-Welch, Principal Analyst

National Grid used its promotion of the ENERGY STAR Change a Light Pledge to increase awareness and purchases of ENERGY STAR lighting products to their customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New York. Through their customer and employee newsletters, messaging on residential customer bills, blast e-mails to commercial and industrial customers, and Change a Light advertising on mass transit, consumers in the Northeast received information about the campaign and pledge. In addition, National Grid ran a postcard direct mail campaign offering a free ENERGY STAR qualified light bulb and catalog if the consumer took the Change a Light Pledge (which the company also hosted on their website), resulting in nearly 11,000 pledges.

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Organize an Event

KY Office of Energy Policy

“The Kentucky Office of Energy Policy was happy to coordinate an ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day event in 2005. Governor Ernie Fletcher helped kick off the campaign by signing a proclamation making October 5 ‘Change a Light Day’ in Kentucky. First Lady Glenna Fletcher supported the campaign by hosting a media event in which she switched out incandescent light bulbs to more energy efficient CFL bulbs with the help of students who won Kentucky NEED project awards. Our Office also distributed free compact fluorescent bulbs, donated by GE, for attendees of the event who signed the ENERGY STAR Change a Light Pledge.”

— Andrew McNeill, Acting Executive Director

The Kentucky Office of Energy Policy coordinated an ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day event at which Governor Ernie Fletcher issued a proclamation making October 5 “Change a Light Day” in Kentucky, and First Lady Fletcher conducted a public change-out of an incandescent bulb for an ENERGY STAR qualified CFL at the Governor’s Mansion. In addition, GE donated free compact fluorescent bulbs for attendees who signed the ENERGY STAR Change a Light Pledge.

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Engage your Community

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

“We began our involvement in the 2005 campaign with a simple goal: get state employees to take the Pledge and change a bulb. We achieved that and so much more! What started out as two small events planned at two state agencies turned into an amazing and inspiring day with more than 1,300 bulbs sold and hundreds of people educated on the benefits of changing a light. When provided with the right price and an understanding of the impact their action can make, consumers will take that important and simple step of changing a light. We look forward to participating in the 2006 Campaign, this time even bigger and better!”

— Kathy Brockett, Education/Outreach Supervisor, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

In conjunction with Governor John Lynch’s proclamation of “ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day” in New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services set up three displays at state buildings with information about the energy-saving potential and environmental impact of switching to energy-efficient lighting, as well as boxes for employees to take the paper version of the Pledge, later added into the national total.

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Educate Students

Connie Bond and the Wiser Miser Energy Team

Connie Bond and the Wiser Miser Energy Team

“We were proud to be able to partner with so many people in our community in this important event, including our Mayor and Wal-Mart. Most importantly, we were inspired by the dedication and knowledge displayed by our Wiser Miser Energy Team — who themselves represent the future generation - in educating our community about the long-term benefits of changing a light.”

— Connie Bond, Teacher, Huntingdon Primary School

Connie Bond, a teacher in Huntingdon, Tennessee, and her students from the Huntingdon Primary School Wiser Miser Energy Team took advantage of the Change a Light, Change the World campaign to lead school and community education events that focused on the importance of saving energy at home. In addition to encouraging students and faculty to take the Change a Light Pledge, the team set up a demonstration and informational booth at the local Wal-Mart to inform customers of the financial and environmental benefits of energy-efficient lighting. Furthermore, Ms. Bond and her students encouraged Mayor Dale Kelley to officially proclaim October 5 as "ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Day", generating additional media coverage.

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Motivate Employees


“As an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year in 2005 for Excellence in Energy Management, Toyota was excited to work with GE and the State of Kentucky to bring the campaign to our employees. For Toyota, protecting the environment through sound energy management is a major priority and sharing this educational call-to-action with our employees, our neighbors and the local community is an excellent opportunity to further our commitment to the environment.”

— Bruce Bremer, Manager: PE-Facility Engineering

Even as a non-lighting partner, Toyota worked to promote the campaign. The company held employee events on ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day featuring information on the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting. Toyota also partnered with GE to give away free ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and worked with the Kentucky Office of Energy Policy and First Lady Fletcher on their ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day activities.

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Engage State and Local Governments

State of Georgia

“The ENERGY STAR Change a Light campaign was a key piece for the Georgia Energy Awareness Month. Close cooperation among a broad array of public and private sector partners was critical to our success. The collaborative efforts produced a successful awareness campaign, with extensive regional media coverage and retail support. The campaign was strengthened by the ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday, which prompted increased purchasing of select products, including ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent lamps. We're excited about the initial results and look forward to strengthening our efforts in the future.”

— Elizabeth Sparrow Robertson, Director, Division of Energy Resources, Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority

To celebrate Energy Awareness Month and kick off the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign, the State of Georgia planned a statewide Sales Tax Holiday on ENERGY STAR qualified products. The event was supported by television public service announcements recorded by Governor Sonny Perdue encouraging Georgians to replace a traditional light with an ENERGY STAR qualified one.

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State of Utah

“We decided this was an important issue in Utah because we burn so much coal, and that produces pollution to create the energy going to the light bulbs. So we decided to clean up Utah.”

— Maya Lacy, sixth grade student at Morningside Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Utah Clean Energy was thrilled to partner with students, teachers, and the Governor's Office to educate more Utahns on simple ways they can save money and energy through the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign. Thanks to the efforts of these students, over 800 Utah households are doing something to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for future generations.”

— Sarah Wright, Director Utah Clean Energy

Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. with Patti Tanner-White's sixth grade class at Morningside Elementary School

In an effort to help Utahns save energy, money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Utah Clean Energy partnered with Patti Tanner-White's sixth grade class at Morningside Elementary School to promote the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign. With the help of the US EPA, the Consumer Federation of America, and Utah Clean Energy, students purchased five hundred compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and distributed them to residents in their community who signed the ENERGY STAR Change a Light Pledge. Ms. Tanner-White's class also presented the pledge and a CFL to Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. while he signed the declaration to make October 5, 2005 ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Day. Utah Clean Energy replicated the Morningside project with two classes at Grand County Middle School in Moab, Utah.

Utah Clean Energy's Change a Light efforts received statewide media attention in conjunction with ENERGY STAR Public Service Announcements on local television and radio for the duration of the campaign.

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