ENERGY STAR offers the following customizable presentations for educating yourself or other stakeholders. Many of these presentations are also offered live through webinars.


This presentation Power Point Presentation is designed for residential professionals and explains the basics of ENERGY STAR and the value-added features of ENERGY STAR certified homes. This presentation can be used by anyone to explain the many obvious and hidden benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes. Topics addressed include:

  • The basics of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program
  • How homes earn the ENERGY STAR through the certification process
  • Key roles played by partners and stakeholders
  • An overview of the program guidelines
  • Resources for potential partners and interested parties

Best Practices for Selling ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

This presentation Power Point Presentation is intended to builders and developers and begins by outlining the value that ENERGY STAR certified homes provide homeowners. The presentation then explains how to incorporate this value into the sales process and highlights best practices for sales and marketing. The session closes by reviewing the various marketing resources that ENERGY STAR provides partners at no cost.

Proper Use of the ENERGY STAR Brand

This presentation Power Point Presentation explains the value of the ENERGY STAR brand and the specifics of the ENERGY STAR Logo and Identity Use Guidelines. It also describes the different ENERGY STAR logos, how partners can access these logos, and examples of proper logo usage.

Key HVAC Design Concepts

This presentation Power Point Presentation discusses the relevance of the thermal enclosure system to HVAC system design and is geared towards residential professionals, specifically HVAC contractors. It outlines the three major steps to properly designing an HVAC system and the building science principles that underline these steps.