2. Designing ENERGY STAR Certified Manufactured Homes

To qualify as ENERGY STAR, a manufactured home is required to be substantially more energy efficient than a comparable standard code home. This includes not only the thermal envelope, but also the estimate of total energy use for space heating, space cooling, and water heating.

A home designed to qualify for the ENERGY STAR label may achieve this level of performance in one of two ways:

The Certifier shall review the manufacturer's documentation to verify that each design meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR guidelines. The goal is to ensure that every home that leaves the plant with an ENERGY STAR label has been designed to meet or exceed EPA's guidelines.

Each design is a unique combination of building elements, including building thermal envelope, specific duct arrangement (overhead or under floor) and maximum leakage level, space heating and cooling equipment efficiency, and hot water heater efficiency. These elements taken together will produce predictable energy use characteristics for which the manufacturer develops an ENERGY STAR-specific third-party-approved design package.

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