1. Certifying the Plant Continued

Requirement 5: Develop Site Installation Checklist

The Plant Engineering Staff and the Manufactured Housing Certifier ensure that every ENERGY STAR certified home that leaves a manufacturing plant has a Site Installation Checklist (see a sample checklist) PDF (70KB) identifying items that are part of the ENERGY STAR Design Package, but installed and verified at the time of home installation.

Requirement 6: Install, Inspect, and Test a Minimum of Three Qualification Homes in the Field

The Installer, Plant Representative, and Manufactured Housing Certifier ensure that three ENERGY STAR certified homes are installed, inspected, and tested in the field. These homes do not have to be the same homes tested in the plant in Requirement 4. EPA does not require manufacturers to test three homes of each type in the field, however, the homes selected should be representative of the types of homes the plant intends to build and label as ENERGY STAR. The homes are then tested in the field by the Certifier for duct and whole-house air leakage.

The Certifier verifies that duct and whole-house leakage levels are equal to or lower than the ENERGY STAR guidelines. If a home fails either test, modifications must be implemented and the home re-tested until it passes. Any design or installation changes resulting from these tests must be recorded and used to update the ENERGY STAR specifications contained in the third party-approved design package and the site installation checklist.

To expedite and streamline a plant’s certification process, EPA permits setting up and testing certification homes at the plant or a retailer’s lot as long as the marriage line is sealed and crossover ducts connected as they would be on a homeowner’s site. However, when the home is permanently sited, a new Site Installation Checklist must be completed and signed by the manufacturer’s plant representative in order to be an ENERGY STAR certified home.

Requirement 7: Incorporate ENERGY STAR Practices into Routine Operations

Once the required number of certification homes have been installed successfully, the plant must take steps to transfer the lessons learned from the process into its routine production of ENERGY STAR certified homes. The Plant Management, Engineering Staff, and Installer all ensure that lessons learned are considered and become a part of routine production of ENERGY STAR certified homes including:

  • Instruct key plant personnel on the critical processes and procedures for designing and manufacturing new ENERGY STAR certified homes, including any corrective actions undertaken during the installation of the three qualification homes.
  • Review the unique features contained in the ENERGY STAR third-party-approved design packages with the plant’s third-party approval and inspection agencies.
  • Instruct set-up crews on how to correctly install and inspect ENERGY STAR certified homes in the field and the need to provide the completed Site Installation Checklist PDF (70KB) to the plant.

Plant management is also responsible for submitting information about their ENERGY STAR certified manufactured homes to their Quality Assurance Provider (QAP). The QAP is responsible for submitting ENERGY STAR production data to EPA on behalf of the plant each calendar quarter.

Requirement 8: Submit the ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement

The Plant Representative submits an ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement to EPA. Each plant must submit its own Partnership Agreement following the instructions provided on the Partnership Agreement form. The plant representative will receive information from EPA regarding the partnership via e-mail, including access to ENERGY STAR logos and other marketing resources. Partners’ names and contact information are displayed on the Partner Locator.

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